Extreme Rules is over and another WWE PPV is in the books. With a pretty stacked card in terms of matches, we only had a few titles on the line and a few matches that were kind of just there to be there. Let’s just jump straight to the recap and see what happen from the IZod Center in…some place.


WeeLC Match: Hornswoggle vs. El Torito

I just don’t know what to say about this match. I truly don’t. It didn’t come up short and it didn’t reach my height of expectations, but it was entertaining in some sort of way. Just know that El Torito won and if you have the chance to watch this match, in case you didn’t, just do it and let me know if you get the below reaction.


Winner: El Torito


Triple Threat Elimination Match: RVD vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

Opening match for Extreme Rules was very impressive. Swagger had some great spots and RVD was well, RVD. Cesaro on the other hand did what he normally does: Swing. More like swing and go into beast mode. RVD had a lot of control in the match and it was RVD who eliminated Swagger with an out of nowhere spring board 5-Star Frog Splash. RVD would meet his demise however with the help of the trash can, very risky spot mind you that cut RVD open somewhere near his eye, but enough to get Cesaro to plant him with the Equalizer on the trash can.

Really good match overall but with nothing really on the line, who knows where these three guys will go after this.

Winner: Cesaro


2-on-1 Handicap Match: R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev

With an attack on both Woods and Truth at the start of the match, before the bell rang, Rusev took it into his hands to turn it into a one-on-on with Truth. He buried Woods with a nasty move with the apron of the ring followed by an overhead suplex that took Woods out of the match. Truth did his best to stay in the match and hit some of his big moves, but Rusev was just too much. He is a super athlete indeed and Truth now knows that more than anyone. In a way this was a squash match. Nothing really special. Except for Lana. She is damn special.

Winner: Alexander Rusev


Intercontinental Title Match: Big E (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

For the last few weeks a very entertaining #1 Contender’s Tournament has been taking place on Raw with Barrett ultimately winning it. Another very solid match between him and Big E during Extreme Rules with nothing really going to the extreme but as we all know; once that elbow pad turns to red, someone is getting the hammer. So with that, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, unless you’re Wade Barrett than its really good news, we have a new Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett!

Should be noted the crowd was on and off for most of the night but they were certainly pro-BNB. Seems Big E has lost his touch character wise but he can still put up really good matches in the ring.

Winner: BNB is new Intercontinental Champion


The Shield vs. Evolution

What seemed like a normal 3-on-3 tag match turned into a chaotic scene that would spill from the ring, to the announcer’s area, all the way to the unknown parts of the audience. This match had a bit of everything and was downright nuts. Your match of the night for sure. We had spears, Ambrose rages, RKO’s, a pedigree, and a flying Rollins from the depths of space. To think, all this happen and it feels like a lot less than what we saw. If you have the WWE Network, go watch this match.

Much credit to Evolution for keeping up with the young guys of The Shield. Even Bootista looked good. To be fair, he looks a lot better than he did when he came back. Evolutions reunion seems to be a short one and where they go from here we won’t know until tomorrow night on Raw.

Winner: The Shield


Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

I’ll be honest, I watched this match and at the same time I didn’t. It got to a point where the match felt like it was being dragged on for almost no reason. Cena did everything he possibly could to win and managed to take out all three members of the Wyatt’s. Except for Johnny. Little Johnny to be exact. He freaked out Cena so bad he had flashbacks from his girlfriend Nikki asking why he doesn’t want kids that he turned around into a Sister Abigail from Bray and was down and out for the 1-2-3.

Look, the match was okay. Certainly the worst match of the night however and just like everything else in Extreme Rules, nothing was really ended. At least that is what it seems. Where Little Johnny and his creepy voice goes from here to haunt Cena, who knows. Either way, that one part alone was the highlight of this match. Creepy a** kid….

Winner: Bray Wyatt


WWE Divas Championship Match: Paige (c) vs. Tamina

This is the part of the recap where I look at the crowd at the IZod Center, yes I am not calling you by the area in which you live, to sigh and be angry at them. The Divas Division has come a long way from the roll-up pins and blonde depression that came after the greatness of Trish and Lita. Paige is a great wrestler and so is Tamina. The fact no Total Diva is in this position says a lot about what WWE is trying to do. If any area of the WWE has improved, it is the divas. When more fans realize that, I say bring back Kelly Kelly and let them suffer.

Outside of this, there were some great spots and hard bumps that both ladies were taken during this match. In the end, Paige managed to get Tamina in the Scorpion Crosslock and retain her belt. A solid match that I wish was longer but we can play Cena for that.

Winner: Paige Retains Divas Championship


WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kane

All we really know going into this match is that Kane got his mask back, is in demon mode, and Bryan is making his first full appearance since WM30. With a wedding and some other factors coming in (personal life) not much of this story was put together until Kane tombstoned Bryan 3-times and then tried to take Brie Bella to the shadow realm.

A solid overall match that had kendo sticks, chairs, forklifts (no idea Bryan had a license for that), and eve a flaming table. Both men took some good tough shots and Kane had a few near falls here and there while Bryan almost made Kane tap to the Yes Lock in which he used the kendo stick as support. There wasn’t a lot that we could have asked for in this match except for a little interference by the ring crew who did more than enough to make sure Kane wasn’t on fire. After taking a fall into a table he set up and lit on fire, the ring crew showered him in fire extinguisher and then ran into a flying knee by Bryan for the win.

The only bad part from all this was Kane got up not soon after the match was over and did his “I control fire everywhere” power. Meaning this rival isn’t over and will probably drag on for another month as we go to Chicago next month for Payback.

Winner: Daniel Bryan Retains WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Outside of Bray/Cena, this was a fairly good PPV with solid matches. The one thing negative I take out of it were how many matches didn’t really have any good build up or none at all. While some look to continue, we look at others and wonder what is next. Hopefully we get our answers and more come Raw but I’ll give Extreme Rules a 7 out of 10.

Hope you all enjoyed the PPV and I’ll see you next month for Payback.