With the new FIFA World Cup 2015 Brazil coming to last gen consoles, new generation owners were wondering what would be coming their way to celebrate the grand and exciting experience of the World Cup. Today, EA has announced that the World Cup will be coming to Ultimate Team. What seems like a mode within a mode, FIFA Ultimate Team will have a secondary mode for the World Cup that will be free to download on May 29th. Players will get a starter pack to start and will have single player or online to play. More details in the trailer below.

As they mentioned, nothing from World Cup will transfer to the original Ultimate Team and vice-versa (aside possibly the consumables). They do give you a free gold pack which may contain something nice, even though most times it probably won’t.

Either way, EA has brought the World Cup experience to their most addicting game mode for fans who aren’t getting the World Cup game. Plus it is free. You can’t complain with free.