It was a moment AJ Styles will never forget. Making his formal “debut” into the WWE as the #3 entrant and receiving the biggest POP from the WWE Universe in recent Rumble years. A look of disbelief on the face of Roman Reigns as he watched AJ head to the ring to go one on one with him for the short period of time. 

It was rumored, and teased by everyone in the business of the “Phenomenal One” making his way to WWE. Though it is also rumored that his fellow Bullet Club members would also be making the jump, there was no sight of them here.

Let’s hope WWE creative does something huge with AJ as he deserves to be in the Championship picture sometime this year but for now, I’ll take a fued with Kevein Owens or even Balor and Samoa Joe on NXT. Welcome AJ Styles!

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