US Mobile Carriers Get Some SIX APPEAL With the Galaxy S6


The talk of the interwebs lately has been about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and it’s curvaceous reveal on March 1st. T-Mobile kicked things off with a simple photo of the curved S6 in its Magenta coloring with the words Six Appeal above it. It didn’t take long until others followed. AT&T and Sprint joined in with the exact same photo but with different colors to match their branding. So far, that makes it official we will be seeing the newest Samsung flagship on three of the four major carriers. Here’s to hoping Verizon pulls something soon.

All photos were of course welcomed with splash pages to each carrier with email sign ups to be notified of the new device. The S6 is currently slated for a mid-point release date but stick with us at Official RTV as we bring you all the details from Samsung keynote on March 1st From Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Source: T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint