Urbanears have cut the cord and have made their widely popular Pattan ADV headphone wireless. The Plattan ADV Wireless is the first Bluetooth headphone in the Urbanears line-up and comes packed with a built in microphone, swipe gestures on the ear cups for answering calls and dealing with audio. Urbanears have also reported 8-hours of playtime before needing to charge, which is about standard from most Bluetooth headphones. The ehadband has also gotten an upgrade, becoming the first machine washable band on a headphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Technology

The ear cups have a built-in swipe interface where you can answer calls, adjust volume and switch tracks with a simple touch. A small led light indicator on the ear cup provides information about power status and Bluetooth connection. The headphone can be paired wirelessly with any Bluetooth device within a 10-meter range (33 feet). To enable rapid seamless pairing Plattan ADV Wireless comes with Bluetooth version 4.0 which remembers up to eight previously paired units. After 8-hours play time you can simply charge it with the micro-USB cable that is included.


Just like the regular Plattan ADVthese headphones provide an ergonomically improved custom fit through the 3D-hinge functionality. The ear cushions smoothly adjusts to the user’s ears and head and they are engineered to be worn for hours on end. Since the Plattan ADV Wireless belongs to the Urbanears family it also comes with other handy features such as the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing and the collapsible structure for easy storage.

Plattan ADV will be available as of June 2nd at select Urbanears retailers worldwide, and online at urbanears.com.