Announced earlier today in their livestream, Epic Games revealed that a new Unreal Tournament is being made. Now before you wonder where the gameplay is, screenshots, etc. it is best to know that the game is going to be developed not already being developed. Outside of that twist, the actual twist comes with Epic saying that the game will be developed in collaboration with the fans, and it’ll be free.


Epic has said that it isn’t like one of those “free-to-play” aka, please give us your microtransactions, they really mean free. Instead of microtransactions, their cut will come from a community marketplace that will allow fans to sell whatever they make in the new Unreal in which Epic will take a percentage of that sale.

Unreal Tournament will be out for PC, Mac, and Linux and starting today and you can click this link right here if you are interested in working on the game. What was said above is no joke. Epic wants to make this game with you, the fans. So click that link and see what you need to do to get involved.

Now get to work. The faster you all work, the quicker this game releases.

Source: Unreal Engine

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