A Nintendo Sony SNES, an ultra-rare piece of gaming history, has been discovered and photographed.

The console, never released to the public, only exists in early prototype form.

Only a couple of hundred were known to be manufactured, the result of early plans for Nintendo and Sony to team-up on a version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment system with a CD-ROM drive.

But the plans fell through. Famously, Nintendo opted to partner with Philips instead. Sadly, Nintendo and Philips pushed out horrible games. Out of this failed deal, Sony went on to make their Playstation system.

The photographs below show the console prototype with its CD-ROM drive, plus ports for both SNES cartridges and controllers.

Each pad is labelled with the Sony PlayStation branding on the front, but with a Nintendo Super Famicom Controller logo on the back.

Below is pictures and a video uploaded by the founder. Supposedly the founder’s father worked at Nintendo and was in a box he was about to throw out. Talk about luck!


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