The rumors of a Titanfall bundle are true, just not what we entirely hoped for. Microsoft has announced that a Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be available on the games March 11th launch day for $499.99. Included in this package will be a digital code for Titanfall and the same black Xbox One that is currently in the market now. Also included will be a free month of Xbox Live.

In retrospect, this is your typical Xbox One except with a prettier box and Titanfall for the price of a regular market Xbox One. So you’re saving $60 which is good if you wanted to jump on the Xbox bandwagon once Titanfall hit stores.

The other news comes to the UK which will see the first Xbox One price drop to $399.99 (Euro) for a limited time. If you thought this pricecut was coming to the U.S, we are sorry but that may come in the later and distant future.

Both the UK and U.S will be able to get their hands on the Titanfall Xbox One bundle on March 11th (US) and March 14th (UK). Microsoft has said that quantities will be low. So if you want one, pre-order now or get a hold of that special contact you have stashed in your phone.