It seems like it was only a matter of time before it would happen and here it is.  Uber announces its new service coming to Manhattan (First) and its called UberRUSH.  The transportation company has taken personal driving to a new level and it looks like they are taking it a step further with bike messenger delivery.  With the RUSH service, they look to make your deliveries quicker and sooner without the use of your local UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

Heres how it works:


  1. Choose RUSH in the Uber App
  2. Request by placing the pin at the pickup address
  3. Your messenger will arrive in minutes to pick up your Permitted Item and delivery instructions
  4. Track your messengers progress in the Uber App

Seems simple right?  The (bike) messenger will pick up the package, and drop it off and all done!  Seems like a great service to have especially with all the congested city streets throughout the day, it just feels safer to know that your package is weaving through traffic on two wheels.  The charges start at $15 flat but is susceptible to change as they will charge an additional $5 for every zone crossed.


The question is, how often will you be using it?  Or will you use it at all?  Though the service is only ranges from the upper west side and lower Manhattan, its bound to grow.  Pfft, look how well Uber does with personal drivers.  I’m excited to see how well this goes.  I also wonder if there will be the same credit system applying if you get people to sign up…hmm.  I’m gonna RUSH my way into getting people to use this (hah!).  If you’d like more details, head over to Uber or click here.