Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is the first DLC released that was not included in the season pass. It is priced at $10, but is worth the price tag depending on your skill level. It included 30 new tracks, 10 super-cross tracks, 30 challenges, and over 130 editor objects. It also includes a cat riding a unicorn which is wielding a flamethrower, so you can just label that an awesome bonus.

The cat riding unicorn is definitely a cool concept, but it seems to be a marketing tool. The dynamic duo make up lesstrialsfusion than a third of the content as they are only featured in 8 tracks. The 8 tracks they are featured in, however, are pretty visually unique. You begin normally on a bike, but then you are transformed into a team of cat and unicorn. Most tracks you teleport through several different terrains that require lots of concentration. The tracks are quite long too. Unfortunately, the mythical stallion isn’t any different or any harder to control than the rest of the games vehicles.

Awesome Level Max is made out to be more of a story than an adventure. You do have to defeat a boss at the end, but it is pretty simple to complete. You can tell the developers and designers had fun creating this idea, but the overall concept seemed to be pretty cut and dry. It’s your typical Trials game with a bit of a twist.

The rest of the DLC is compiled of 22 tracks split between a selection made by the developers at RedLynx and the best creators in the community. It’s a nice mix, with several tracks for the beginner players, but a handful for the expert ones as all. I credit myself with being a decent player, but I couldn’t even pass some of the expert courses. It’s a lot better selection as the previous DLC releases tended to lean more towards the expert players, which leaves the casual players out on the dirt.trialsfmx_release_development_2015-05-18_15-41-35-59_1436907939

You can go through the main story courses in a few hours, and the most difficulty is trying to Gold medal each one. The value comes from the competitive side as you try to beat your friends’ times or try and reach high on the leaderboard. Also included, as I said, are the new editor objects. I do not edit and create courses much, but they are fun to mess around with. I can definitely see the appeal for the people who dump hours into making fun courses for the community to try out.

Awesome Level Max comes with some awesome courses that are guaranteed to give you hours of fun. I find that the main courses are fun to play, but there is only so much you can do with what they give you. For the $10 price tag, I find it to be reasonable. If you are a hardcore Trials fan, than this a must grab. If you are a casual player, then you might be better off waiting until a Deals for Gold event or a price drop.

Game Review: Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max
Overall this DLC is fun, but not worth the $10 if you are a casual player.
The Good
  • Fun to play
  • Lots of new editor items
  • Interesting and innovative levels
The Ugly
  • Not enough of tracks
  • Unicorn and Cat are only in 8 tracks
  • Not an included DLC in the Season Pass
8Overall Score