The silence has been shattered on an all-new eSports resource we’re excited about… is a powerful, yet easy-to-use search engine for video game events. Along with allowing gamers to find live and online video game tournaments, Tournament Seeker showcases a collection of valuable resources for event organizers.

The video game event listing engine uses Facebook and Twitter accounts for quick account management and is free for event organizers to showcase details for both online and live video game events.  Once video game tournaments are listed on Tournament Seeker, an interactive video game event calendar and intuitive video game tournament search allows gamers to quickly find competitive video game tournaments for almost any game title.

From what we’ve seen and heard, Tournament Seeker may just be the new gold standard for promoting and finding video game events.  You can even ask our good friend GoldenboyFTW, the next time you’re seeking a video game event, make your first stop.

Additional Resources
Along with the website itself, Tournament Seeker on Twitter and Tournament Seeker on Facebook are a few important social media outlets to connect with.  Also, our new banner (look right) is a quick way of learning more about Tournament Seeker and here is the official press release from the development firm, Jet Set Studio, in case you want even more…

Tournament Seeker Announcement