The crew at Respawn Entertainment are surely working hard to make sure Titanfall is getting the appropriate fixes and additions. The third update is soon to release alongside the Expedition DLC and there is certainly a lot to cover. Everything from weapon tweaks, customizing load out names, an icon to show who is in a party, and stats. Loads and loads of new player specific stats.

Here is a small list of what you can expect with the new update and you can click the link below to get the rest. It is a long list for all the things Respawn has been working on but they are showing that there will be constant post-release support for the game.

  • Score Limit
  • Time Limit
  • AI Lethality – Controls how tough and accurate Grunts and Spectres are.
  • AI Types – Sets the allowed types of AI from drop pods and drop ships.
  • Pilot Health – Gives pilots half, normal, or double health.
  • Pilot Ammo – Gives pilots normal or reduced ammo.
  • Titan First Build Time – Adjusts how long until players acquire their first titan.
  • Titan Rebuild Time – Adjusts how long until players’ replacement titans are ready.
  • Titan Shield Capacity – Normal, half, double, or disabled.
  • Minimap – Turns the HUD minimap on or off.
  • Respawn Delay – How long players must wait before spawning in again.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the updates and if there is something they still left out since release that you think should have been covered by now.

Source: Titanfall