The Flappy Bird madness has come and gone and left quite a mark, but what was the end result? The game is off the mobile market and people are selling their phones on EBay with the game installed for ridiculous prices. Now my main compliant isn’t so much about what happen, how things went down, or even why Dong Nguyen made the choice of taking the game off the market. You know what my main complaint is about this entire Flappy Bird saga? The answer is pretty simple.

It’s all of you guys and gals who hated and raged on this game.

I have been gaming for pretty much all of my life and I have played some ridiculously difficult games and I have had my fair share of rage moments. We all have. I have to ask though; how in the blue hell does a game, where all you do is time jumps and tap on the screen, cause so much utter chaos, hate, and rage to the point where some managed to break the device they were playing the game on? I’m being serious here.

I don’t need to describe Flappy Bird, pretty much everyone has seen it, heard of it, or played it on their own time. All you do is tap on the screen at the appropriate time to get through a series of never-ending pipes. That’s it. It’s a game made on killing time, but one that requires patience and timing. All the rage I have seen or heard on this game feels completely unnecessary and I feel it has brought out the worst of the gaming/mobile gaming community.

I first heard of the game 2 weeks ago and when I downloaded it, a good friend and I sat in front of our phones for 2 hours just trying to get the highest score we could. Anytime we got to a high number, we celebrated. Anytime we got just two, or sometimes even one, we just facepalmed and laughed at each other. The kind of rage we experienced with this game was more of, “Aww man! I almost beat my high score! I was so close!” and yeah there were times that the bird would hit the pipe or have some sort of slowdown that messed up our timing and ended in our death but we quickly pressed restart and continued.

Regardless of how the game was designed, looked, or whatever issues people had that didn’t regard playing the actual game; the tweets I have seen on Twitter were of constant hate for this game. Hell, even on Facebook I had friends complaining and hating the game like it was the worst thing ever created.

This brought me to a sad realization; if a game this simple could cause people so much anger and so much rage, I never in my life want to be around them when they play a game like Call of Duty online, Donkey Kong, Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, or even the Impossible Game. There are much harder games in the gaming universe than Flappy Bird and even more so, a good amount of them cost money.

I also find it completely repulsive that anyone would send Dong Nguyen death threats because of this game. Honestly, if you’re one of those people, you need to look in the mirror and get some help.

At the end of the day, Flappy Bird is gone. Knock-offs will start to take hold of the mobile market (which if I’m correct they have), and a game that was so simple and time consuming, and most importantly FREE, will have left its mark in the community forever; but not for the right reasons.

Sure there is a lot of back-story on all the chaos, but the one thing I will remember most is the overreaction of others over this simple little bird. Flap Flap.