‘The Evil Within’ Demo Preview [#PAXEast2014]


Going into the small theater set up by Bethesda for The Evil Within, I had some high to mid expectations. After seeing announcements and even the latest trailer just a few days ago, I was ready to jump and be freaked out completely by whatever The Evil Within was about to throw at me. Horror and I do not mix, and I was ready to jump a lot especially after seeing what some of the enemies for the game looked like, and the settings surrounding them. Sadly, my expectations were not met and I left with much more disappointment than hype.

After speaking to one of my co-editors Antonio and then reading up that others were also disappointed, I came up to the one simple answer to why this was: Bethesda put this demo together at the last second. If they didn’t, that’s not really good, but if they did, I would be more understanding. What bothered me the most outside the possible fact that is was put together last second is how there was no real context to the game that was given to the audience. Unlike some other gameplay showings I was in, this was the only one where they played the game but had no one from Bethesda speaking about the game. Why is he going there? What is the objective? Why is this happening? Where is he? I can keep going with these questions.

I am not sure if I am able to speak about the exact specifics of the demo, which is why you aren’t reading any, but what I said above pretty much speaks for itself. It was a poorly planned presentation, poorly planned demo to show, and it left a bit of a sour taste for everyone who waited in line to see the game. I really do hope the game does well, but for coming to a show and giving us something that didn’t really help hype the game in any way is a bit worrisome.

If I am able to go into full detail on the demo, I will be back to provide that to you all. For now, anyone who wasn’t at PAX, just know that what you got in the latest PAX East trailer was much, much better than what fans who waited for hours to see actually got.