On Thursday, June 6th, in New York City, BlackBerry presented the Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Event which was held at Arena Event Space, and hosted by Mobile Nations. Crackberry, iMore, Windows Phone Central, and Android Central celebrated the debut of a unified central for all mobile discussion. We had the chance to attend this event and what an amazing time we had.

Upon arriving at the location, there had already been a steep line formed by numerous gadget-geeks and tech-heads that stretched from the entrance of the arena, to the end of the block. Now, if you’re from the city like I am, then you know how steep of a line that is. Once entering, we were immediately greeted by a coat check attendant who was helpful and professional. (He even directed me to the restroom when I couldn’t find any other attendants on the floor). Mobile Nations picked a prime location to hold its Talk Mobile 2013 launch party. There was enough space and seats to accommodate for the guests there, with different floors and levels that was suitable for any group or individual, whether you liked to be a part of the crowd, or just hang back and relax. The main floor was a dance floor where guests had the option to socialize while they sat comfortably, or get up and mingle freely at the same time. There was a great performance by Mia Moretti, one half of The Dolls, and an amazing light show that, surely, brought the diverse crowd together. Behind them, was more space for guests to enjoy the event and even get hands on with the BlackBerry Z10 & Q10.

The RTV team and I made our way to the bar located at the upper level towards the back. It gave us an excellent view of the entire arena. We received complimentary food and drinks throughout the night, and had the choice of choosing amongst any of the four tasty cocktails – each named in honor of the world’s largest network of mobile communities – the Crackberry Spritz, AndroidCentral Midori, iMore Pucker, and WPCentral Chambord.

The Talk Mobile event was co-hosted by Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides of Geek Beat TV and they did a wonderful job at engaging with the crowd. At the end of the evening, they held a raffle. We were each given a ticket at the beginning of the night for a chance to win $10,000 in prizes. (The prizes included the Blackberry Z10, an Xbox 360, a Sonos Sound Bar, a PlayStation 3, a Canon T4i camera, and a few gift cards worth hundreds of dollars). For those who did not win any of the prizes, including myself, we received a goody bag on our way out.

Mobile Nations went above and beyond with hosting this Talk Mobile Launch Party and we were very fortunate to have participated in such an event. With delicious entrées, complimentary drinks, great music, and technology aficionados, this was definitely a party to remember. Everyone at RTV would like to thank Mobile Nations for an incredible experience!

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