“Atlas Mugged” is a continuation of a story focusing on questionable people doing questionable things. The story is narrated by a low level Hyperion employee named Rhys and con-woman Fiona. It flips from flashbacks to both present day as they tell a masked man through their ridiculous story. You get to play as both characters which makes the story interactive; everything you do affects the story.

The perspective flips are important because it means that every narrator has a different story, hence they are unreliable. The story is often told in a way that one character mocks the other. One of my favorite parts is when one of the side character takes his shirt off. It doesn’t affect the story or timeline in any way, but it was hilarious and the humor meshes together perfectly with a serious story. Borderlands is known for its sense of humor and bone dry jokes, but Tell Tale does it in a way that it weaves through the story nicely. Honestly, without the humor this game would be pretty straight-forward and way too serious for a gamer like me. These 2 teams together make a great partnership.

Telltale is very good at being predictable in their gameplay. Their algorithm of walking around and making decisions, important or not, is damn near perfection. You know what you are diving into a Telltale game, and I enjoy it immensely. Even the opening and closing credits are intriguing due to the sound editing and design. The first two episodes fit together like a puzzle piece. The story continues on right at the end of the first, and picks up easy. If you played the first episode and had to wait for the second, it was an easy transition. You didn’t have to do a long annoying tutorial, or have to think back to what happened. Actually, the game gives you a quick overview on what happened last episode.

The only thing that bothers me is that there is no replay value, unless you start a new story. This episode was by far my favorite and I can’t wait for episode three. Keep on kicking butt and taking names, Telltale!

Game Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 - Atlas Mugged Review
Another great addition from the dream team combo of Telltale and Gearbox
The Good
  • Engaging story
  • Hilarious fillers
  • Beautiful sound
The Ugly
  • No replay value
10Overall Score
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