Tales from the Borderlands gives the series an unique opportunity for fanatics like myself, the opportunity to delve deep into the world of Pandora. You play as two different characters through rhysEpisode 1. The first person you encounter is Rhys. He is a middle manager at Hyperion, which is known to be the evil weapons and robotics manufacture that always tries to screw over Pandora one way or another. Sadly, Rhys is screwed over for a promotion. Fiona, however, is a con-woman. With 2 characters on the opposite sides of the spectrum, it creates an interesting story. Tales spends most of the time revolving around 2 important items: a briefcase full of millions of dollars, and a vault key. Rhys wants to screw over his boss for revenge and gain respect at Hyperion, while Fiona just wants to roll around in the riches a vault notoriously contains. The game is based mostly in a first person point of view, but occasionally you will experience the same scene from the perspectives of both Rhys and Fiona.

This allows the player to see both sides, as one side is usually extremely farfetched, but nonetheless hilarious. I enjoyed seeing both sides develop into the story, and it helped the story progression a lot. Some games try to do this, and the other character just shows up out of nowhere with a horrible introduction. Let’s face the facts though, in any movie or video game, has a large amount of money ever lead to great things? In Tell Tale’s popular fashion, you get to decide both character’s decisions virtually all the time. Tales is a lot less life-or-death than their rendition of Walking Dead, but I have spent some time thinking on some decisions. I tried to set each character to what they were introduced as; good and bad. For instance, you are Tales_From_The_Borderlands_68595given a gun with one shot and warned that it is only “for emergencies”. Things happen, and I haven’t fired yet. I keep on thinking “is this the time?”

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: “Zer0 Sum” was everything I expected and more. I am a huge Borderlands fan, and being able to delve into the world made me extremely giddy. The chapter was of good length, and kept me entertained throughout the whole duration. This is episode 1 of 5, and I can’t wait for more. It has the hilarious moments that Borderlands has, along with the angst of Tell Tale’s games. It’s a perfect mix, and I want more!

Game Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 - Zer0 Sum
Telllale Games knocks it out of the park with this fantastic adaptation of Borderlands.
10Overall Score

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