T-Mobile Changes Up Their Plans Again


As we already know, T-Mobile has been changing their plans and basically rustling up the wireless market.  Plans that are more affordable and offer more bang for your buck, makes you want to switch over if you have coverage in your area.  That and they’re the only carrier that offers unlimited data that’s actually useful (no offense Sprint).  Now the “Simple Choice” plans are heading for a change  to add even more data (about double) to what was already offered.  Lets take a look.


So you can still have the family plans at the same rates.  So first line being $50 a month then $30 for the second line and $10 for every line after that.  Now you get 1GB of high speed data included with the base plan whereas before you only got 500mb of high speed data.  The data packages also changed.  $10 got you 2.5 of high speed data before and now its been bumped up to 3GB.  $20 used to be unlimited but was bumped to 5gb and the unlimited was bumped to a new package of $30 a month with a beautiful 5gb of tethering data.  All this change will begin on March 23rd.

For those still suffering under overage prone networks, this may be the light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, if your T-Mobile coverage is not exactly up to par in your area, this would seem pointless to change over.  But lets not forget that T-Mobile has been improving their network and constantly picking at AT&T about their network speeds.  It should be interesting to see where these major carriers stand in a few years.  What do you guys think about the changes to T-Mobile’s plans?  Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more news on RTV.