Customers who create a Framily and add new lines to Sprint can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for as little as $25 per month per line

Customers who create a Framily and add new lines to Sprint can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for as little as $25 per month per line

That’s right, Framily. Sprint’s new Framily Plan will give customers the chance to pay less by having friends join their Account, but still paying separate bills. The new plan will be available for New and Existing Sprint customers, giving you the choice of adding up to 10 phone lines; the more phone lines joined the less it will be. For every person in the Framily group, the cost per person drop by $5 a month up to a max monthly discount of only $30 per line. Get at least seven people to join your group and everyone gets unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data for just $25 per month per line.

So the way this works is your friends are added to your Account ID, which then links all of your Sprint accounts together, but billed separately. Sounds a bit weird considering the other members can still customize their plans to their need, so starting from Sprints lowest $55 per month bill, adding an extra $20 will give you unlimited data if you choose to go that route.

The Sprint Framily Plan will be available in Sprint company-owned stores and Sprint third-party dealers beginning Friday, Jan. 10. Visit for more information.

“The Sprint Framily Plan redefines the way we think of family plans and gives our customers the power to decide who will be a part of their group and gain greater savings as more members are added,” said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO. “Sprint continues to be a leader in offering customers choice, flexibility and value. The Sprint Framily Plan makes Sprint the best choice for families and friends.”

Here is some more info from Sprint about the new Framily Plans.

New Customers
To participate, customers simply purchase an eligible wireless phone at full retail price or through the Sprint Easy PaySM program and pay in 24 monthly payments. Customers also can activate an existing Sprint phone.

New customers will be given a unique Framily ID, at which point they can invite friends and family outside of Sprint to join their group. Or, new customers can easily join an existing Sprint Framily group within 14 days of account activation.

Existing Customers
The Sprint Framily Plan is available to current customers. When current customers move to the Sprint Framily Plan they can create a new group with any phone lines on their account and invite friends to join Sprint and be a part of their Framily plan. However, existing Sprint accounts cannot be combined into one Framily plan unless both accounts are owned by the same person. The price of the Framily Plan for customers currently on a plan with a discounted phone is an additional $15 per month per line for service until the customer’s line is upgrade eligible. For a limited time, Sprint will waive the $15 per month to move to the Sprint Framily Plan for customers who purchased a discounted phone before Jan. 10, 2014, and are not upgrade eligible.

Competitive Comparison
A single-line subscriber who is part of a 7-line Framily Group will pay only $25 per month for unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data, a significant monthly savings versus what they would pay for a new line of service at competitors.