We’ve been awaiting word on how or what Sony’s streaming service is going to be for the PlayStation 4 and today at CES we got our answer. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome PlayStation Now.

This brand new streaming service, with the help of Gaikai, will bring PlayStation, PS2, and PS3 games to not only your PS4 but also your PS Vita, HDTV’s, tablets, and even smart phones. The point of PlaSyation Now is to help clear out that PlayStation 3 from your entertainment system so you can enjoy some of your favorite games, or games you haven’t played yet, on your PS4 or other internet connected device. As of now, only 2014 Sony Bravia model televisions will support PlayStation Now but it will come to other non-Sony devices in the future.

Attendees at CES will get to try out this service on PS Vita’s and Bravia televisions on the show floor. Games like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls will be among some of the games they will get to try out without the need of a PS3 including God of War: Ascension and Puppeteer.

As of now, Sony confirmed that PlayStation Now will be a subscription-based service. It will support online multiplayer and trophies but there is no word whether or not it will tie-in to existing subscriptions like PlayStation Plus. If going into another subscription based service isn’t your thing, players can decide to rent on a game-by-game basis, though we don’t know how much that will cost or how long the rent of the game will last.

The roster of games that will be available is unclear, and more than likely there won’t be a lot of choices to start. Regardless, this does get rid of the no backwards compatibility issue the PS4 currently has while adding other devices into the service does mean Sony is going into a completely different route to get their games into folk’s homes even if they don’t have a PS4.

Expect PlayStation Now to roll out a closed beta soon and, with no issues delaying the service, a release by this summer.