Sony has revealed that the new PS Vita model will indeed be coming to North America this Spring. However, what makes this announcement more special isn’t so much that we are finally getting the slim model here in the west, which is still good news, but bigger than that is the announcement that Borderlands 2 will be bundled with the system at launch!

No specific release date is set for the slim Vita model but it will come bundled with Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card for $199. It was also revealed that Vita versions of The Sly Trilogy (April 16th) and The God of War Collection (May 8th) will be hitting stores at about the same time as the Vita’s release.

More on this story as it becomes available.

Update: New photo of the box art for the Limited Edition Borderlands 2 Slim PS Vita. My only wish is that it had a special design for the occasion. It says packaging not final, but we will see what changes later this Spring.


Also, the God of War Collection for the Vita will be God of War and God of War 2.