This is to say that for $99, the Skullcandy SLYR rocks, even if I’m not wild about the black and green design choice. Go with the Halo Edition if you’re not into the cliché Xbox brand colors.

The Skullcandy SLYR is made of mostly plastic, but the headset looks sharp with a curved see-through strip on the cups and a sleek matte finish. The inner headband has a good amount of cushion to not make the headset too loose or tight on your head, and the padding is memory foam. I will let it be known that if you have any over-sized head I wouldn’t recommend these. Especially if you wear an XL sized hat, to give you an idea. The SLYR has a flip up mic for hidden concealment, but also is easy to get out of the way if you have no need for it. It’s convenient for the people who constantly lose things, like me. I have lost way too many parts due to the fact I have to remove things.

Skullcandy includes their own headset adapter. Instead of the Microsoft manufactured adapter, the “GMX-1” has a fixed 3.5mm audio cable that attaches to the headset. A backlit Skullcandy logo acts as the mute button which is a cool touch. Different from the rest of the headsets on the market, the audio cable comes out from the back of the adapter instead of the front.

The SLYR’s are definitely specifically tuned for gaming, with a punch. The bass is noticeable as soon as you put them on, regardless of the game. I tested them in Borderlands, and the gunfire has tons of impact. Also, in Advanced Warfare, you can hear the bullets wiz past you in combat. The background noise is tuned down while dialogue is going on. The character talking to you doesn’t get topsy-turvy by the landscape going on around you. The audio is crisp and easy to hear; no need for subtitles!

Skullcandy definitely took a page from the book of simplicity, while keeping their product affordable as well. The SLYR’s do both without surrendering class. They are made of plastic, but don’t look inexpensive. They are comfortable, light, and have some qualities that even the most expensive headsets on the market don’t have. I would rank these below ASTRO’s but definitely higher than Turtle Beach’s. If you are in the market for a headset because you got your tax refund check or even just have some money to spend, I would definitely recommend these.

Review: Skullcandy Xbox One SLYR Headset
For the SLYR price you can't lose
  • Sound quality
  • Looks
  • Inventive Adapter
  • Bass is too much at times
  • Not comfortable for large heads
9Overall Score
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