Skullcandy is introducing a couple of new headphones to improve their inventory of headphones.  Some audiophiles may be excited for this.  With the new collection of headphones coming our way, Skullcandy is looking to press up on the competition with clearer, better sound for the common consumer.

The new Ink’d 2 headphones/earbuds will be the proper evolution to the older brother.  It has been re-produced, re-tuned, and re-shaped for all those true fans out there.  Delivering supreme sound with attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs, it is sure to impress the consumer that wants more out of their music.  These headphones will be designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy and will be available in Black and Pink for $24.95.


 Along with that will come the new Hesh 2 over-the-ear headphones that is sure to entice those with a knack for a more full experience.  Its considered to be an innovative upgrade from its iconic predecessor.  They want to build a pure audio experience for any genre of music that will give you optimal and supreme sound.  These headphones will also be designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy.  They will be available for $59.95.


 If you’re like me, you will be excited about at least one of these two amazing headphones as I’ve owned a pair of the older ones in the past.  Skullcandy is giving you an affordable experience with having great premium sound at an affordable price.  For more information on Skullcandy’s new line of headphones, visit and stay tuned to RTV.