At Pax Eas, Firaxis Games held a mega panel to reveal their new title with 2K, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. Beyond Earth is the latest in the Civ franchise and fans go crazy once the reveal trailer is played. The panel consists of Firaxis Games’ Will Miller and David McDonough (Lead Designers), Lena Brenk (Producer), and Anton Strenger (Gameplay Systems Designer), as they break down everything about Beyond Earth from the story behind making this title, the inspiration of taking Civilization to space, and more.

Check out the full panel above and these points from the panel:

  • Fan reaction to the announcement and the first trailer, “A New Beginning
  • Why Firaxis chose to bring the Civilization series to space
  • Will Miller’s thoughts on the inspirational “Earthrise” photograph, and what will inspire humanity to leave the planet to find a new home
  • Breaking free of history and exploring the future of humanity via the non-linear technology web
  • The new Quest system, giant sandworms, alien raptor bugs, machine consciousness and much more!

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