Has Samsung started the long anticipated “Watch Wars”? We at RTV would like to think so. Tech giant Samsung announced and unveiled their new Gear Smartwatch today.  The watch is a wrist-worn touch screen device that talks to your phone. With the Gear you are no longer required to pull out your phone every 3-4 minutes to check your email or notifications. Your watch will tell you when your getting a phone call, or remind you to pick up that quart of milk. The device uses a low power Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone (at least the Galaxy Note 3 for now, anyway.) There will be 70 apps optimized on the Gear and for the Gear. The Galaxy Gear has a metal face and an easy to adjust buckle with a very flexible rubberized strap. The Gear will come in six colors: black, gray, orange, lime green, and beige all with a silver face and buckle; and a sixth version with a beige strap and champagne-toned gold metal touch.


The Galaxy Gear is powered by an 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM. The touch interface is very sleek and responsive. At about 8.3mm in thickness, the 1.63-inch, 320×320-pixel super AMOLED screen shines bright and clear. On the side of the strap is a small 1.9 megapixel camera, causing a bulge on the strap, but shouldn’t be anything too intrusive. Samsung calls the camera a “memographer”, capturing small moments with low resolution imaging and small sized videos. The camera options are pretty basic: choose from auto or macro focus, and a couple of different sizes. Photos can be 1,392×1,392 or 1,280×960 pixels. Videos last 10 seconds, with sound, and can be 720p, 640×640, 640×480, or 480×480 pixels. Nothing a professional videographer/photographer cant handle. Finally, the Gear comes with a gyroscope to track movement. Making it the perfect pal to bring along with you on your morning run. RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal will be available upon launch to follow your latest physical accomplishments, along with a cornucopia of apps optimized for Gear to be used in synchronous harmony with the Samsung Galaxy Family. The Galaxy Gear will be available for $299 and will ship to 140 countries on September 25th.

RTV will be bringing you coverage of the Samsung Galaxy Gear as more news surfaces. Stay tuned to RTV for your news and updates on the latest technologies.