Apple has pretty much taken care of the lower end mp3 users with the iPod Shuffle. Many years of music lovers using the Shuffle for traveling or the popular working out. But with Android devices becoming the dominant device, what is there for them? Samsung saw that opportunity and ran with it, alas the Samsung Muse (formerly S-Pebble) was born. The Muse was announced back at the launch of the Galaxy S3 under a different alias, but nonetheless the device is still as mentioned. A very small “pebble” shaped mp3 player that clips where ever you need it to and provides 4GB of memory.

What separates the Muse from a Shuffle? Easy, its Android integration for syncing music allows the Muse to be picked up via the Samsung Muse app, which is free in the Google Play store, on any Android device. So if you’re a heavy music lover but want an alternative device rather than working out with a giant Galaxy S3 or Note 2, the Muse is right for you.

Packaging & Design
The packaging of the Samsung Muse is pretty straight forward, the device is accompanied by a pair of Samsung headphones, a 3.5mm-Micro USB cable for Phone syncing, and a 3.5mm-USB 2.0 cable for PC syncing. If you haven’t already noticed, yes the Muse is charged via the headphone jack just like the iPod Shuffle.


The physical design is actually very nice, available in two colors white and the blueish color that resembles the Galaxy S3. On the top are your standard music buttons which are positioned across from each other so the volume buttons are top and bottom, track seek are left and right, and your play/pause button is in the middle. On the left side is your Shuffle mode on/off switch and on the right is a power switch with a third click for an audio enhancer. Just a quick note, the music controls aren’t physical buttons. There is also an LED status indicator on the top tip and of course the clip on the bottom.

Software & Syncing
Syncing music to the Muse is very easy. PC syncing is relatively the same from your standard mp3 players in just dragging and dropping music files into the music folder of your devices hard drive. Now syncing music straight from your Android device was my favorite part. You must first download the Samsung Muse Sync app from the Google Play Store, once the Muse is connected to the Micro USB of your device, and the app is open. You will notice all of your music files appear and can easily be added to your Muse with just a quick click of a check mark. That’s it, plain and simple syncing so you can listen to your library from your phone on the go. Do note though that if you have music saved from the Google Music store it will not appear on the Muse app, no word has been given on an update for that just yet.


Is it for you?
If you are a heavy android user and like to carry all your music on your phone but hate having to handle the size of it, then the Muse might be for you. At the price of $49, offering 4GB of storage and the ability to sync music via PC or Android device is a good bang for your buck. Do note that the Muse doesn’t work on all Android devices, works fine with the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, but will hopefully get updated for earlier devices.

Its small, stylish and can git anywhere you want it to. The Muse in pants pockets isn’t a huge problem at all. The only gripe I have with this is the touch controls, I usually forget the position it’s placed and end up pressing buttons I didn’t want to press. Overall, The Samsung Muse is probably one of the best MP3 players for somebody on the go.

Review Disclosure: The Samsung Muse was provided to us by Samsung for review purposes.

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    Strange. You are reviewing a product but didn’t put any photos of the product itself? only one of acessories and other of the screen?? How much apple is paying you??