For those lucky owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear who found it a bit of a hassle to synchronize it with devices like the Galaxy S4 and Note 2, we are happy to report that Samsung Mobile announced today that the Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III will receive the Premium Suite software update in the coming weeks that makes the devices compatible with Samsung Galaxy Gear. Premium Suite timing and features vary by carrier and product, with updates beginning today. The Galaxy S 4 Active, Galaxy S 4 mini and Galaxy Mega will also receive an update in the coming months to be compatible with Galaxy Gear.

According to their press release:

Galaxy Gear extends the Galaxy smartphone experience to your wrist and enhances everyday moments with real time updates for quick and convenient access. Now, owners of the latest Galaxy smartphones will be able to stay connected with discreet notifications and tap into the exceptional features of Galaxy Gear, such as hands-free calling, music control and S Voice™ access. In addition to Galaxy Gear compatibility, Samsung’s Premium Suite will bring Android 4.3 and additional features to these premiere smartphones. The update brings the flagship experiences introduced on the Galaxy S 4 to the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III including updated Easy Mode, Multi Window™, advanced camera options, and additional features with new functionality.

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