Last week during Xbox’s Spring Showcase event keynote, Phil Spencer talked about a lot of different points for the Xbox One console. One of the main points that has people talking was the topic of “hardware innovation” for the console. This was compared to how PCs evolve and change every 6 months to a year. He went in depth by talking about how the company is planning and outlining possibilities to make stratigies for cross-platform efficiency. Along with that he argued that consoles should, and could, be upgradable like a PC.

“We see on other platforms whether it be mobile or PC that you get a continuous innovation that you rarely see on console. Consoles lock the en-INTL-XboxOne-Elite-Controller-HM3-00001-Largehardware and the software platforms together at the beginning of the generation. Then you ride the generation out for seven or so years, while other ecosystems are getting better, faster, stronger. And then you wait for the next big step function.” – Phil Spencer, Xbox Lead for Microsoft

Spencer said that Xbox One owners could be offered optional hardware upgrades in the future that would allow consoles to keep up with new technologies that emerge in the industry. This will eliminate the need to upgrade consoles every year or 2 to keep up with hardware changes. We have already seen a change with the new Xbox One Elite systems that bought Hybrid drives to Xbox One systems.

It’s a great suggestion, and not impossibly far fetched. It could change the console ecosystem, and maybe put up a race against the Playstation 4. Sony has been running away with first place since the Playstation 4 launched over 2 years ago. Spencer didn’t give out anymore details, but we are definitely keeping our eyes and ears peeled. Maybe an E3 2016 announcement?