The Road to WrestleMania 30 is upon us. Tomorrow night in Pittsburgh, 30 men will enter the ring and one man shall stand tall as he etches his name into a main event slot at WrestleMania. It’s a wrestling fans favorite time of the year, and while the card may not look that amazing at first glance, well that’s as far as I can go. At least we got the Rumble and that’s what we’re spending our money on. It’s been a while since we did a prediction article for a WWE PPV, but in my defense, the last few months have been pretty bad. SummerSlam was fine, but after that, it’s just been difficult to watch. Regardless, I’m back and I’m here to give my two cents on tomorrow night’s big PPV. Let’s kick it off with our pre-show match which, if you told me a 15 years ago who would be in it, I wouldn’t have believed you.


Royal Rumble Kick-Off Match

Cody Rhodes & Goldust (C) vs. The New Age Outlaws for the WWE Tag Team Championship

To think, the last time the New Age Outlaws held WWE tag team gold was in late 1999 and yet here they are 14-years later trying to get back to the top of the tag team mountain. Cheating their way into a title match, with the help of Vickie Guerrero and a handful of Cody’s tights, the New Age Outlaws are going into the Rumble pre-show to get what could be their sixth WWE Tag Team Title reign. In their way however are two brothers who should never be underestimated. Cody and Goldust are champs for a reason, even though Big Show did have the helping hand as to how this came to be, but since then, they have proven to be a great tag team. Cody has been good in the ring for some time but his brother Goldust has been someone who has become surprisingly good in the ring. Not saying he wasn’t in the past, but now-a-days, it just stands out if you go back and watch one of his old matches. This is not to say the New Age Outlaws are not a good fit to fight them though. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn still have plenty in the tank and have shown that they can keep up with the young stars in the WWE (especially Billy. Seriously, he is a beast).

If rumor of a Mania match between Cody and Goldie are to stay true, tomorrow night would be the night to get the ball rolling. Whether or not that means dropping the belts to the new Age Outlaws remains to be seen. Honestly, if they do win and Cody and Goldust break-up, who are they going to pass the belts to after the New Age Outlaws? The Usos? Make it the Real Americans and I’m in.

Prediction: Cody and Goldust Retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

Understandably, Cody was very young back then, but it’s amazing to think that he is the only one in this match to not be a part of WrestleMania…15! I feel old now.


Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

So this storyline has just been weird in terms of timing. First it seems like Bryan is getting buried, turns heel even though the fans couldn’t stop saying “Yes” when he was around, and thanks to Michigan State and ESPN; WWE is NOW getting on the “Yes” bandwagon that is Daniel Bryan. Getting on that wagon though meant they cut the Wyatt Family storyline fairly short. All honestly, I’m all Jackie Chan meme from all of this. Regardless, Daniel Bryan goes into the Rumble with a ton of momentum. Even though he hasn’t done a lot of physical work since the cage match (concussion), we can all believe that Daniel Bryan is going to give Bray Wyatt everything he’s got. That is, if the rest of the Wyatt’s have something to say about that (it doesn’t matter if they are in the Rumble, they will be behind Bray).

While Bray has some pretty damn nice mic skills, he hasn’t shown me enough in the ring to really impress me. Harper and Rowan have shown me more. I expect Bryan to carry this match, with Bray landing in a few good shots and doing his Lindsey Lohan backwards crabwalk. I don’t care about this match. I feel like the book closed when Bryan finally got his alone time with Bray in the cage, thanks to Kane, who you know, still hasn’t gotten his revenge on the Wyatts since his abduction last year.

All I care about is whether or not Daniel Bryan is in the Rumble. I haven’t heard a thing as to whether or not he is in the match but he has to be in that match. He just has to. Period.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan Wins and “Yes” chants his way into the Royal Rumble


Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

Prediction: Brock Lesnar Eats, Dodges KO Punch, Destroys Ring, and the Rumble doesn’t happen


Randy Orton (C) vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Orton/Cena 235. Out of every match on this card, this is the least desirable to watch. Why? We have seen everything these two men have to offer one another in a match. What will they do here that they couldn’t do in a TLC match last month? Or in an “I Quit” match? Or Hell in a Cell? This is just a normal singles match with “no interference” or special win condition. Look, unless Orton makes Cena tap out with an Ankle Lock or Crossface, there is nothing about this match that will make me go, “O boy! I can’t wait to see Cena and Orton in the biggest rematch for the belt ever” because it really isn’t. WWE tries to advertise it and they gave us that horrible ending on Raw only to do what we hoped they do, the Royal Rumble match tease, on SmackDown.

I don’t care who wins. One of these two will be fed to Brock, Batista, or an alligator. However, since this is a prediction of the Rumble, I have to put in my two cents as to whom of these two will walk out of Pittsburgh with both belts held high.

Prediction: John Cena, because he has a new t-shirt line and each one comes with at least one title reign


Royal Rumble Match

The match we are paying are hard earned cash for in hopes to not get disappointed by a WWE PPV ending again (that’s if they make this match last, which they better) is the Royal Rumble match. There are a few important things going on in the Rumble this year with the first being that CM Punk is going to be the #1 entrant into the match. Does this suck? Hell yes it does, but for him. For us, the fans, we get to enjoy his time in the match which will ultimately end up with him somehow getting screwed by The Authority, which if the last few weeks are any indicator, he will.

The second is what kind of impact will The Shield and The Wyatt Family have in this match. These two groups alone are 6 of the total 30 men who will be in the match. If Legacy a few years ago was any indication, these two groups have the power to control who will last in the Rumble. Though The Shield, in my opinion, will be the most impactful group of the match, I think this is where our next storyline prior to Mania begins to develop. WWE has teased a crack in The Shield (get it) and at the Royal Rumble, it’s every man for himself. Regardless of how much they work together, only one of these three will headline WrestleMania, and like it normally does, teams will implode on one another for that shot. Who do I see on top? I would say Reigns because he is the monster of the group, but Ambrose has always been the sneaky type and I see him surprisingly eliminating Reigns in the match. This doesn’t mean Ambrose is going to win though.

This is where Batista comes in. The Animal has returned and after Batista Bombing Alberto in those skinny jeans on Monday, he has been the man around the water cooler who has the biggest chance at winning the Rumble. I don’t want to believe that WWE would bring Batista back, have him win the Rumble, and let him headline another WrestleMania thereby taking a more deserving star on the rosters moment. Yet everyone seems to think Batista will do just that. Others have CM Punk going the full 60+ minutes and a few have Roman Reigns getting his big breakout moment.

I have Daniel Bryan. The most over guy in the company right now, the guy everyone is coming to see aside CM Punk or Cena, and the guy who is being completely overshadowed in this match because no one is expecting him to win. Yes, the underdog. If anyone in this match has the ability to send everyone in Pittsburgh home happy and even close out the Rumble in the most epic fashion, it’s Daniel Bryan. Go ahead and tell me otherwise. I know the other rumors but until we see some sort of payoff, I want to see Bryan win the Rumble. He IS the most deserving guy in the company and a man who has put together 5-star quality matches not just on PPV’s but on Raw and even Smackdown for a long time. I truly believe this is the year of the beard.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan Wins Royal Rumble

Only thing left out in the above is who will make a surprise appearance in the match. We have them every year and they can all be a good random, bad random, or just an odd one (Michael Cole). I’ll just make a quick list of who I think could show up as a surprise rumble entrant:

  • Chris Jericho
  • Sheamus
  • Ultimate Warrior
  • Shelton Benjamin (I can only hope)
  • Christian (is he still healing from The Shield beating months ago?)
  • Shane McMahon (we know it’s not going to happen but I would mark out if he did)
  • Batista…wait…that got spoiled. Never mind.

I had a few others in my head but I can’t think of them at this moment. I’m sure we will all get that one entrant we just didn’t see coming, unless you read the dirt sheets than you’re just cheating (cough).

With so much more going on story-line wise in the Rumble match, hell more than the Orton/Cena title match which you would think is the most important; there is a lot of filler on the main card. Let’s just hope WWE makes the Rumble match the last match. There is no Rock in the way of the spotlight.

Let us know who you think will win the Rumble in the comments below or any of the other matches on the card.

  • R0bSkii

    I really hope Bryan gets put int he Rumble and wins.