What started as a Kickstarter project, TYLT has finally released their wireless charging stand, the VU. Utilizing the QI wireless charging technology, which has become a standard of sorts, we are now able to charge most of the popular devices out in market. Made out of a complete hard plastic covered in soft rubber material. The VU is very simple and easy to set up. All devices with Qi built into them will be able to take advantage of the wireless charging for the VU. All other devices will have to have an added accessory which allows the wireless charging to be added.

The video above goes into more details on my negatives and positives of the TYLT VU, but overall it is a great purchase for anyone wanting a wireless charging stand that isn’t your typical lay down flat on the counter but one that still gives you access to your device.

For info on purchasing the TYLT VU head over to TYLT’s Website.

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