Tylt has been our go-to company for all things portable charging.  Whether it’s the Tylt 5k charger or their wireless charging pad, the products that they have are reliable and extremely useful.  We’ve recently received the iPhone 6 charging case and I’m happy to say that this doesn’t disappoint, unless you upgrade to an iPhone 6s.

Much like it’s past case, it comes with two components, the case for your device and the case to attach to your device for charging.  It’s a fantastic idea for those who would rather avoid the bulk of a charging case all day.  I usually kept the additional battery in my bag while I used the regular case to protect my phone.  It’s a very basic case with a soft touch finish for the additional grip.  It does its job.

Wheen you finally get to add the charging extension of the case, it’s a bit bulkier than a Mophie or an Anker charging case (a small caveat seeing as its removable without sacrificing protection).  It comes in at 3,200 mAh and it gave me about 2 complete charges.  I usually never got to run through both charges but it was there for me when those rare instances came.  I usually have a Bluetooth headset and listen to music while traveling to and from work. My phone is also connected to my apple watch which can put a bit of strain on my battery.  Add a bunch of work emails and friendly chats going wild, you could say my battery never even made it to the end of my work day.

I did come across a problem though when I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, being that it’s a tad bit taller and thicker.  The case is super snug but when applying the battery portion to the case, it creates a gap between the case and can damage your port if you apply pressure in your pockets (sitting down etc).

Tylt will probably adjust this and release a case specifically for iPhone 6s owners really soon – hopefully. It’s a fantastic case and gets the job done every time.  If your considering a charging case but don’t want to deal with the headache of a bulky case, then this is for you. The TYLT Energi Charging case currently retails for $80 and is available from many online retailers and TYLT’s website.

Review: Tylt iPhone 6 Charging Case
It's a fantastic case and gets the job done every time. If your considering a charging case but don't want to deal with the headache of a bulky case, then this is for you.
  • Large Battery
  • 2 Piece Case
  • Rugged Protection
  • Snugged For New S Models
9Overall Score
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