I love me some charging cases. Any chance I can get at not having to carry around my wall charger and cable is a plus for me. TYLT released their Energi Sliding Case last year for a few devices and I had the chance to try it out for the Galaxy S4.

Off the bat this isn’t the most good looking case out there but it gets the job done when you need it. The ENERGI case is actually a two piece case that consists of the sliding slim case, which can be used as a standalone case, and then sliding the battery attachment pack to charge up the phone. Each case is made of plastic and has soft touch coating over it. The interchangeable case really keeps the phone feeling slim, but honestly provides no real protection at all. All the buttons, screen, some edges and corners are exposed which can lead to a broken phone if dropped.

The main piece of this case is the one with that charges the phone. It slides as a back piece for your phone and locks in via the microUSB port. On the bottom is a microUSB port cut out for charging and syncing, on the back is a battery status button followed by LED indicators and a speaker cut out. There is also a shallow cut out for the camera, which doesn’t get in the way of the flash so it really does’t affect the photo quality of your Galaxy S4.

Internally, the ENERGI sliding case has a 2,350mAh battery which at this point in the game is pretty low for a charging case. Nonetheless, it does give your Galaxy S4 between 85-90% of extra battery. Charging the case is quick and simple and you can even sync and charge the case and phone when they’re together. NFC is not interrupted by the case which is also a plus, so you can still S Beam photos with other Galaxy devices.

The ENERGI Sliding Case is a decent case with minimal phone protection and low internal battery. But if you’re looking for a case to fully charge your phone and carry around, this isn;t the case for you. The charging piece is about two times the size of the Galaxy S4 and makes the phone extremely bulky. If you are to use this, it’s better off left charging in a bag. The ENERGi Sliding Case is available in three extra colors besides black and retails for $79.99 on TYLT’s website.

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Review: TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for Galaxy S4
A Very average overpriced charging case with minimal protection of your phone.
Initial Use6.6
  • Charges majority of the phone
  • Brings 2 slim cases in different color
  • Very bulky design
  • Quick battery drain
  • Overpriced
6.5Overall Score
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