Tylt, a company that creates high quality designed products suited for all of your devices.  From cables, chargers to cases, Tylt has a wide variety of options that are suitable for all situations including mine.  If your anything like me, I have a slew of devices with my at any given time and its difficult to keep everything charged throughout the work day.  Probably the one that needs the most help is my smartphone and even though I carry more than one, my main phone (iPhone 6 Plus) get pretty low by end of the work day since I use it for everything ranging from texting to listening to music.  Luckily, Tylt sent me the Energi 2k smart travel charger to cure my issue.

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The Energi 2k is slightly bigger than your average adapter that would come with your smartphone these days.  Lets say not as fast as a turbo charger from Motorola, but definitely longer than one.  It comes with the wall prongs and a USB port, much like all adapters  except with a battery indicator/on and off button.  There isn’t much else that tears this apart from any other adapter in terms of aesthetics.

With the 2,200 mAh, this little guys is projected to give you at least one full additional charge along with the ability to let you hug a wall if the situation calls for it.  Its that level of flexibility that makes the Energi 2k convenient.  I have an OnePlus One which anyone could say has an above average battery life.  Unfortunately, for the amount of emails I receive paired with the amount of people that contact me consistently, I eat through my battery faster than the average person.  What an opportunity for Tylt to save the day, eh?  It served me well since it almost always gave me 78% to let my OnePlus One live on when I couldn’t get close to a wall.

The Energi 2k may not be a turbo charger but it will serve a better purpose.  Even then, turbo chargers will quickly suck the life out of the battery of your device since it heats up so much.  The Energi 2k is efficient and affective while being useful and flexible.  This is a must have for the on-the-go person who needs a quick fix for their battery problems.  Its small, which makes it easy to carry, and it has multiple uses.  Best part is, its available now over at Tylt.com in 4 different colors (red, black, blue and green) retailing for $39.99.  Go get yours and feed your phone.

Review: TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger
The Tylt Energi 2K Charging Pack gives you just the extra amount of battery boost to last a few extra hours.
The Good
  • Extremely Portable
  • Wall prongs
The Ugly
  • When wall plugged, might be too large and cover an outlet
  • For its size, 2 USBs would have been nice
7.5Overall Score
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