SteelSeries is known as a veteran peripheral company, but don’t count them out. Thanks to them, I was able to get my hands on one of their newer headsets for the Xbox One. The Siberia line from SteelSeries is known to be a reputable headsets out on the market, and their Siberia X300 headsets doesn’t let the line down.unnamed

Opening up the box I was surprised at how well the packaging was. They were securely within their own box surrounded by form fitting plastic. A walkthrough book on how to work and control the headset was in a nice trifold. Finally, all the wiring was underneath the headset. I was surprised to actually see a separate wire for PC users. I use both my Xbox One and PC for gaming, so this was
like having my cake and eating it too.

The Siberia X300 headset comes with SteelSeries’ own Xbox One headset adapter, dual 3 pole 3.5mm extension and adapter, quick start adapter, and a few SteelSeries stickers. If you have the new Xbox One controller then you won’t need the adapter as the refreshed controllers have the adapter already built in. The Siberia X300 is a full sized closed back circular headset.

Before I put on the headset I saw how much innovation was put into this headset. Typical headsets have adjustable microphones that either pivot into the ear cup, or fully detach. The Siberia X300 features SteelSeries’ signature retractable microphone which winds up into the left ear cup stealthily. Winding the boom microphone is extremely easy and requires virtually no effort both ways. The boom is flexible enough to be bent in any direction, but also stiff enough to hold its form. Also, on the left ear cup is a mute slider that mutes everything. If you have somebody walk into the room and you need to pay attention to them, hit that slider. Nobody will be able to hear you, and both game and chat volume is muted. Most mutes from different headsets mute one or the other. It’s the best of both options.

The plastic ear cups are the “bulkiest” part of the headset as the headset is make of two curved rods and a spring loaded suspension headband. Most headsets on the market can either be adjusted by the headband or the ear cups. This headset, because of the spring loaded suspension, forms directly to your head for a comfortable fit. Putting it on initially I actually thought the headset was suspensiontoo loose because I barely felt it. After I shook my head and jumped (this is my typical test for headsets) it barely moved. The ear cups are made of memory foam wrapped in soft plastic with a leather like texture. Wearing the Siberia X300 for about a 3 hour gaming session, my head didn’t feel a lot of pressure and my ears weren’t hot. It’s hard for me to find a comfortable headset because of the fact that I wear glasses which causes extra pressure near and around my ears. I also have a small head so some headsets are too big on me. The spring loaded suspension headband really helped with that issue. I also had a few friends try the headset and they felt the same as I did. The spring loaded suspension really helped with comfortability along with the memory foam ear cups.

The Siberia X300 comes with SteelSeries’ own Xbox One headset adapter. The adapter plugs in just like any other headset adapter, by being plugged in at the bottom of the controller. It provides a 3.5mm jack, along with media controls on the face. This adapter comes with a lot more controls to allow you to get the perfect sound and levels of sound you need. It gives you the options for core game sound, chat balance, microphone mute, headphone mute, and volume up and down for everything combined. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a luxury that we all should have.

The Siberia X300 won’t give you the punchy bass that other headsets have, but they will give you a clean and crisp game sound. Personally, I don’t like my action sounds to be rattling my ear drums. I play a lot of shooters, so gun fire is inevitable for me. During the Call of Duty Black Ops III beta, I noticed that enemy footsteps were clear. They weren’t drowned out by grenades going off in the background. Also, flashbangs didn’t make my ears ring in and out of game. The Siberia X300’s microphone is actually one of the best I have ever used. I tried them out in a room by
adaptermyself with several fans running, and also in a room full of about 10 people. It picked up my voice, and only my voice. Nobody could hear the background noise, except when my friends were being nosey and screamed directly into the microphone. I feel like this headset would be good in any surrounding. It’s not too surprising as SteelSeries has a strong presence in competitive gaming. Competitive E-Sports team’s logos are actually on the Siberia X300 headset box.

Overall, I feel like SteelSeries did a pretty good job with this headset. The only gripe I would have is the fact that music seems pretty flat. It’s due to the fact that it doesn’t have the punchy bass I enjoy while I listen to music, so maybe that is a personal issue. If you are looking to use this for dual purposes of listening to music and gaming, then I would pass this headset up.

For the price point of $129, I would say it’s pretty accurate. However, you can catch them at 3rd party retailers for around $80-$90. At that point, I would jump on it. I use the headset for my own personal gaming when it is towards the end of the night, and people might cut in. The quick mute option is really handy, and I use it quite often. SteelSeries delivers another great headset, and I think other companies should not count them out! For more information on the headset you can head to their official page.

Review: SteelSeries Siberia X300 Xbox One Headset
The comfortability is the main reason this headset excels
  • Comfortability is like a cloud sitting on your head
  • Easy retractable boom
  • Quick mute switch
  • Bass is nonexistant
  • It's almost too light
  • Not ideal for multiple uses
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