SteelSeries has been one of the pioneers in PC gaming from not only providing great high quality peripherals, but also supporting eSports culture. Always taking feedback from pro players and fans/community, SteelSeries tries to better their next releases to fit the needs of every gamer. Their Siberia V2 headsets have been a popular choice in pro gamers and consumers. Console players have even dabbed into the Siberia V2’s via adapters to work with their current set up. So what makes the Siberia V2’s one of SteelSeries’ best selling products? Let’s find out in my review of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 gaming headset.

As someone who never took PC gaming seriously until about a year ago, headsets were always a must have for any pro set up enthusiast. I have been in the eSports scene for consoles for many years so it’s always good to have the very best gear. Now as I made attempt to PC game, I wanted some gear that catered to the PC gamers, not just use my console headsets. SteelSeries was awesome enough to send over their popular Siberia V2 headsets, which at first glance looked very uncomfortable to wear. Packaging was very minimal with just the headset themselves, an extension cable, some manuals, and SteelSeries stickers.

The Siberia V2 is made out of a very glossy plastic with the head band being of a very stretchy elastic design. The headset feels great and caters to many different head shapes and sizes thanks to the elastic band, but where I did fin and issue is finding the right comfort while wearing glasses. The rounded ear cups just pressed a bit too much on the frames of my glasses which caused me to scuffle the headset around every few minutes. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but became a bother when having long gaming sessions.


Underneath the bottom Left ear cup lays the retractable and very well made microphone. The types of mics are some of my favorite because I am able to adjust the mic to any position i pleased, whether i wanted it closer to mouth or very far away. My teammates over games said i sounded just fine but were able to hear a bit of background noise whenever something happened. The mic was a bit too sensitive for my liking as people were able to hear conversations happening around me. Skype calls were great and crisp with no complaints in sound quality there.

It’s pretty interesting to see the Siberia V2 still selling well with it being released for about 2 years now, especially with many more companies pumping out headsets left and right. Along with a great build and mic, the Siberia V2 sounded great. Environments in game sounded loud and well detailed with the headsets giving off just the right amount of boom when it came to gun fire and explosions. Dialogue was rich and clear, which i enjoyed the most because a lot of the newer games have great voice acting and narration; so using a good quality headset lets you enjoy some of that detail you might have been missing.

SteelSeries knows what they’re doing to improve their future line of headsets. With a new Siberia coming just around the corner, I still believe the Siberia V2 will be a go to headset for quite some time. Over my time using the headset for PC, music and console, everything felt great and worked perfectly with my only gripe being the fitting factor of someone wearing glasses. If you are just getting into PC gaming like i was then i highly suggest the SteelSeries Sibera V2, great overall headset that won’t kill your wallet.

Siberia V2 ‘s are available on SteelSeries.com and other major online retailers. Additional colors and special team edition V2’s are also available online.