The Apex Gaming keyboard from SteelSeries is their latest gaming keyboard that comes in two options. There is the cheaper Apex Raw which is a smaller version due to less keys overall and retails for $69.99, and the one reviewed here, the $100 Apex keyboard. Now the Apex is not a mechanical keyboard and feels more on the membrane style which gives you much quieter key presses but still feels quick and responsive during games. The keyboard also features 22 macro keys with each having up to 4 customizable profiles giving you 88 options for multiple games. On the right side is where you would find your media controls, there’s the music functions as well a volume controls and brightness adjustment of the back lighting on the keyboard. As mentioned the keys feel very comfortable and natural, thanks to the giant space bar which allowed my thumbs to always find the space bar no matter where I was typing on the keyboard. You also have a very large non removable arm rest on the bottom of the keyboard, which could piss some people off who might not want it. Now SteelSeries mentions quick access from macro keys to function keys due to the raised top macros allowing your finger to flow from top to bottom.


Setting up the Apex keyboard will use up two of your USB ports but don’t worry, you get those two USB ports back via the hub on the top of the keyboard. It does work like any standard USB, so plugging in a mouse or even an external drive will be read as normal. Now you don’t get any raisers on the bottom of the key our to adjust height, instead you an replace the two rubberized feet to larger ones if you prefer a raised keyboard. I prefer raised keyboards but some people I have spoken to who used the Apex prefer it to be flat.


The SteelSeries Engine software is where you will be able to map your keys and create multiple profiles for different games. You can also choose to disable keys of you wish. This keyboard also features five illuminated zones which can be customized with any color you desire and can set multiple profiles as well.

If you’re looking for a high end gaming keyboard to go with that high end new rig, then the $100 Apex from SteelSeries is one of the best choices on the market now. Tons of macro options with fully customizable light zones via the Engine software gives you well over $100 worth of extras. The keys feel great for gaming or typing and looks great on any desk.

Review: SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard
The SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard is what every gamer should have in their set up.
  • Soft but responsive key clicks
  • Good software for programming
  • Tons of macro and media controls
  • One level of height adjustment
  • Palm rest non-removable
9.1Overall Score
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