The H line from SteelSeries contains some very high end and expensive pairs of headsets, but SteelSeries wants to make sure it has everyone covered. It’s 3H and 5H line caters to gamers looking for a quick fix on a headset while staying in a budget.

The 3HV2 are smaller type of headset compared to some of Steelseries’ more popular headsets. Very light weight, portable and made entirely out of plastic doesn’t give the headset a premium feel but still feels worth the price. It features foldable ear cups for easy storage, a retractable microphone, two 3.5 pole for PC connection and a Y-Pole cable for conversion to a single 3.5mm tip, which fit most smartphones and tablets. Steelseries does promote the use of these headsets for ont he go mobile gaming and Skype calls.


These headsets run a tad small for my liking. There isn’t enough padding on the headband and the ear cups are too small for my ears. Obviously this will vary for other people, but I do see these being a great snagged fit for people with smaller heads or ears. The ear cups were more like On-Ear headsets and really became uncomfortable pretty fast, especially since I do wear glasses. The microphone had a pretty good length and was able to adjust it accordingly.

Though if you can handle the smaller appearance of the headset, then you’re in for a treat. SteelSeries hasn’t disappointed yet when it comes to audio quality, and these are no different. Sound is very loud and crisp with just enough bass to satisfy everyone. There is also an inline control for handling volume and mic mute which is not too big to be a disturbance.steelseries-3hv2_angle-image-1

For the budget gamer, this headset works more than decent, and even though it might feel a bit cheap, it still looks pretty stylish. The 3HV2 is a good entry headset, but if you have a few more bucks to spare, then I highly suggest SteelSeries’ 5H line which provides a bit more comfort, bigger ear cups and overall better feel.

The SteelSeries 3HV2 gaming headset is now available for $39.99 at

Review: SteelSeries 3HV2 Gaming Headset
Great for the casual and mobile gamer, but lacks the fine detail of comfort and durability for everyday use.
  • Price
  • Mobility
  • Can be too small for certain people
  • Mic is about average
  • Feels very cheap
7.2Overall Score
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