Sennheiser’s release of the HD8 DJ Headphones are the spawn of the well beloved HD 25’s.  The new series of HD DJ headphones are an introduction to the DJ scene for performance/party style headphones.  With Sennheiser’s expertise in sound quality and build quality, it is almost certain that these headphones can compete head to head with similar from other companies.  How do these stack up to other DJ style headphones in the market?


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After opening the box for the HD8 DJ’s, I feel compelled to talk about this packaging.  It’s simple and straight-forward, gets you right to the good stuff.  The case that comes with the headphones is like a suitcase, makes you feel like you’re getting ready for action every time you set it down and open it up.  Inside, you have a lot more space than your standard headphone case as the HD8’s are front and center. There is also space for the additional ear pads and two ridiculously long but necessary cables.  I don’t usually carry headphone cases with me, but this one is nice enough to carry around.  Its almost like showing off your lunchbox at school or in this case, work.


Once you get through the rather impressive packaging from Sennheiser, you get to see the beauty of the headphones.  The dark grey ear cups, surrounded by the silver brackets with the blue Sennheiser accents on each ear cup makes you fall in love instantly. Love the colors that Sennheiser chose, it blends very well with each other.  The strangest part is the hinges that make the headphones foldable.  They have an “ostrich leg” like fold that gives it some unique aspects; along with these gorgeous pair of cans you have additional ear pads (suede or alcantara leather) in case you want a different feel for your listening experience.  Initially, I thought this would bring down the quality of the headphones because, lets be honest, who has interchangeable ear pads with a good reputation?  Not very many, but that’s not the case here.  I think it adds a certain value because you have options.  And everybody loves options.

These are one of the sturdiest pairs of headphones that I’ve come across.  The headband is thick with a nice leather cushion to comfort the top of your head for long listening periods.  In my long periods of using the HD8s, I rarely felt the headband unless I docked the ear cups above my ear to speak to someone or listen to something else briefly.  Which brings me to comfort.  The flexibility of the headphones along with the interchangeable ear pads give you an honest pair of headphones meant to party.  Using the leather ear pads for DJ situations like parties or mixing and the suede for more personal listening sessions.  These are also described as “On-Ear” headphones but the ear cups actually cover my ears completely, which would make them over-ear, wouldn’t it?  Regardless, if your looking for comfort, you have yourself a winner here.


What would a headphone review be without talking about the sound?  Right off the bat you can tell that the HD8’s have some really boomy bass.  With that said, these headphones have a very big soundstage.  Reminiscent of the Momentum over ear headphones, these have really clear and colorful highs accompanied by some very detailed mids.  The bass can be very boomy at times but not loose.  Its actually some of the tightest and most precise bass that headphones have to offer these days.  This helps for mixing music if your planning on changing up the lineup and going from something bass heavy to something a bit calmer.

I noticed that with bass heavy songs like “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West or “N*ggas in Paris” by Jay-Z & Kanye West, the bass was really prominent but as mentioned really tight and consistent and I think that’s what we all look for. If you listen to RnB, Hip-Hop, House or anything that might hit the bass department, you get a very clear and enjoyable experience.  This type of performance is nothing less than whats expected from Sennheiser.


Yet again, Sennheiser gives you some of the best value around with the HD8’s.  Great for mixing and amazing sound, there is very little to hate about these pair of cans.  If you’re looking to DJ or into having some private listening/mixing sessions, these have to be in your Top 5 to consider.  Its nice to see that Sennheiser has that consistency throughout all of their products.  These headphones are available now in most retailers for $389.95 in the dark grey, blue accent color-way.  For more on Sennheiser products and news, stay tuned to RTV.


Review: Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones
Features/Accessories 9
  • Great sound
  • Unique bending ear cups
  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • No short cable for personal listening
9.3Overall Score
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