Releasing along side the more expensive and physically different G4ME ZERO headset, the G4ME ONE headset proves to be no low end slouch. Sennheiser is hot off its successful run with their Momentum Headphones, but that doesn’t stop them from improving their gaming line. As a fan of their older PC350 and PC360 headsets, I was eager to try out their new G4ME headsets.

The design of the G4ME ONE, is very straight forward. Black on the top headband, and white with red accents along the ear cups. A huge boom mic with a rubber middle is located on the left side and a volume wheel on the right cup. Sennheiser is using soft plush velvet ear pads which feel very comfortable, especially good for long gaming sessions. We also get a heavy duty braided cable with two 3.5mm ending jacks for audio/mic on PC. Now if you’re wondering on where you mute the mic, Sennheiser has incorporated the mute function via the boom mic flipped to the top.

Game One Specs

The Sennheiser audio quality is absolutely present in these headsets. If you have ever used a pair of high end Sennheiser headphones than you will feel right at home. These take up after the 500 series from Sennheiser from ear cup shape and audio drivers as there have been tweaks made to make dialogue and other in game sounds stand out. Mids sound fantastic in games which allows you to hear environment perfectly and highs are explosive and well balanced. Bass is there and handles great, it gives itself enough boom when it needs to and doesn’t overbass your game audio or music.

These are some of the best PC only headset out on the market right now. Though might be a bit out of some peoples price range, you can’t deny the fact you get what you pay for. A very solid built, comfortable and great sounding piece of hardware. With the right setup, this microphone is pro grade and sounds like other mics out there used in broadcasting. I actually have recorded voice overs hooking up this headset through a Zoom h1 and h4n, the quality is insane. The G4ME One retail for $249.95 from Sennheiser’s website, yes they’re pretty expensive and lack some extra wiring for other devices, but as mentioned, it’s all the bang for your buck provided by Sennheiser; and that says a lot.


Review: Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset
Sennheiser continues to prove why they are the leaders in audio products. These gaming headsets fit just about everyone's style, from casual to hardcore.
Sound Quality9
  • Pro grade microphone
  • Soft plush ear cups for great comfort
  • Quick mic mute function
  • No extra cables for other devices
  • Pricey
9Overall Score
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