I am an early adopter on the future of video game distribution. Digital titles are becoming easier and easier to get and give us the convenience of not leaving our home on the launch night of a new title. Most new consoles are equipped with either a 500GB hard drive or 1TB. As newer games release, and DLC is added later, the space on those drives get eaten alive. Now the file sizes are huge on digital titles, but so are the installation sizes for disc versions of the game.

Now while you are able to go out and purchase external drives to use on your consoles, Seagate has partnered with Xbox and Microsoft to provide and officially licensed Seagate External Drive for the Xbox One – The Game Drive. 

The Seagate Game Drive is essentially their Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive, instead it’s colored in the infamous Xbox Green and even labeled with the logo. What makes this difference then their stock drive is that it has been optimized to give you better performance speeds on your Xbox One.  

The Game Drives features USB 3.0 and a 2TB storage capacity. This allows you to store up to 50+ Xbox One (all of course depending on size and add-one.) Once plugged into an unused USB port, the Xbox will automatically recognize the drive and ask to format it. Remember, once the drive is formatted for the Xbox it will no longer work for other devices. You would need to format the drive again to use for your personal self. Once formatted, the Xbox gives you the option to make it your main drive so future installs go directly to the drive, and you can also begin to copy or move your current info from the Xbox hard drive to the game drive. 

I’ve tested multiple games being moved to the Game Drive and while speeds are still a bit slower than I’d like, it does get the job done in a respectable time period. Smaller files just zoom to the drive while larger ones take a bit longer. The speeds shouldn’t put you off though, it’s something that can be left doing while taking care of other things.

The great part about the Game Drive is that it doesn’t need a power source. The Xbox powers the device via USB, making it great and easy to travel with. Also, taking your Game Drive allows you to travel and access you library of games when visiting friends. It’s definitely been a pleasure to use on my Xbox One and for the price of just $99, 2TB of extra storage is more than worth it. I do recommend the Game Drive though if you are going the external route, due to the official licensing of the brand – plus it looks cool. 

I tested the Game Drive on my Xbox One but the Drive also works for the Xbox 360. Huge thanks to Seagate for allowing us the chance to review this drive.

Review: Seagate Xbox Game Drive
A must have Official Xbox accessory for all your storage issues!
  • Powered straight from the Xbox
  • Compact and portable
  • 2TB for a great price
  • Larger game files can take a bit
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