These past couple of years have been good for Samsung. With many new device releases from mobile to tablets, the company has been doing very well for itself. One common thing we have seen across all of their devices though has been the way they look and feel. Samsung has been creating devices that are absolutely identical to the last one, with just some changes internally and software. Their tablets look like giant over sized Galaxies and even performed like that.

2015 can be known as a rebirth year for Samsung with the launch of their latest flagship, the Galaxy S6. Last year we saw the release of the Note 4 with stellar reviews of improved software, camera and hardware. Yes the main look stayed the same, but Samsung finally began to grasp the concept of quality. Adding metal trimming along the device, giving it a solid new feel.

The Galaxy S6 is a whole new direction for Samsung, and yes let’s get this out of the way, it looks like an iPhone 6 – and I’m ok with that. The S6 comes in at justĀ 5.65 x 2.78 x 0.27 in and just under 5 oz, with familiar button placement – Power button on the right, volume rocker on the left, and home button up front. You have a Super AMOLED 5.1-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 (577 ppi), and boy does it look beautiful. That metal trimming is back on the S6 and bit more rounded on the edges while the front and back panel is completely covered in Gorilla Glass. This phone is slippery as hell, feels great in the hands, but found myself putting it in a case quickly.

Now lets talk a bit about that display. As mentioned, it’s a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED panel and this is Samsungs best display yet. Colors are far better represented on the S6 than ever before with darks not being too overly contrasted, but just cool enough to be realistic. You will not see one pixel on this phone no matter what you do. Now the display gets bright for indoor use, and works even better outdoors. The Note 4 featured a setting when the brightness was fully max, the phone recognized it was in direct sunlight and made the screen brighter and dropped the color contrast in order to accommodate to the brightness. It does just that on the S6, dipping contrast and raising the brightness an extra notch to provide just enough for clear visibility in the sunlight. This display as I stated before is the best Samsung has put in a smartphone.

Now to go along side the beautiful display is a new and fantastic camera. The back camera is an outstanding 16-megapixel sensor with OIS and LED flash. You also have the ability to record in gorgeous 4K. Photos are very accurate in color and not so over saturated like in previous cameras. HDR mode works very well in most of my testing giving the photo a natural balance of exposure, especially from the front-facing 5-megapixel camera. You are also presented with many camera modes like Panorama, Selective Focus, PiP, and more. This camera is by far on of the best cameras on any smartphone.

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Software has been improved to fit the more flat interface provided in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Since release, my S6 review unit is running 5.1.1 and has added a lot more widgets, flatter icons, easier navigation, and better lock screen notifications. There have been more apps that respond better to notifications and gives us a lot more information than before, especially sports apps like MLS, which give us player photos, substitutions and fouls – so kudos to the devs on taking advantage to Android 5.0. The setting drawers are a bit confusing at first, trying to find specific things led me into swiping and scrolling through a ton of extras. Where Android 5.0 helps on the S6 is the response time. Though it still is TouchWiz, the OS responds a lot faster than before, causing almost no stutters or hiccups.

This phone is definitely a powerhouse with a 2.1 Exynos 7 Octa Core processor and 3GB of RAM. There are absolutely no hiccups when it comes to multi tasking or heavy usage, but be aware the device may get a bit warm when handling more than average workload. Inside you will find a non removable 2550mAh battery. It’s not the largest battery out there but gets the job done on simple usage. Expect battery drainage to occur more often when overworking the phone. This is very unfortunate due to how well it handles those tasks. The S6 does feature Fast Charging via their specific Wall Plug and also comes with Wireless Charging from the start, which is a huge plus – no extra case or cover needed.

  • I had the chance to review this S6 with the AT&T network in NYC and it worked great. Call quality is clear and no real major drop in LTE signal while in the city. Overall, a great network experience.

The Galaxy S6 is by far the best mobile device Samsung has put out. From a killer camera, sleek design, fantastic display, and more, the S6 is the Michael Jordan of Galaxy devices. This complete package is what die hard loyal fans have been waiting for, and even those looking to convert from Apple.

Mobile Review: Samsung Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6 is the Galaxy phone we have always wanted.
The Good
  • Wireless Charing/Fast Charging
  • Stunning Camera
  • Build Quality
The Ugly
  • High Intensity Actions Cause Some Overheating
  • Phone May Be Too Thin To Type On
9.7Overall Score
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