This is the same Flex headset I reviewed back in 2013, but let me just refresh you a bit about the headset. The Rig headset is still by far one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve used. Made of a light plastic and very comfortable cushioning around the headset makes it better for long gameplay sessions. Surround sound is added for a better overall sound experience. Not much as changed with the headset so for my review on that make sure to click the link above.

The spotlight of these Flex LX aren’t the headset to be honest, it’s Plantronics take on the Microsoft chat adapter. Now while one may think this adapter’s arrival is a tad bit late due to the new Xbox controllers having a 3.5 jack built in to the controller, chat adapters are still the best possible way to control voice to game volume.

Their adapter attaches the exact same way as the original Microsoft one but offers a bit more. On the original Xbox Chat Adapter, you’re given five buttons – mute, volume up/down for game/chat balance and a master volume. On the Plantronics adapter, the main volume controls are represented by a scroll wheel for balancing audio and main volume. This allows for a more precise and quick transition of moving your fingers off the controller. You also have a master mute button in the middle which glows when muted. Just to the right is an EQ settings which can be configured for different audio levels. Now what made the Rig headset so unique was the ability to add an external audio source to your mixer. Plantronics took that concept and placed it here. On the bottom are two 3.5 jacks which is for your headset to plug into and for a mobile device. You can seamlessly listen to music or even be on a phone call through your headset while enjoying your game. It’s a neat feature to have, though it doesn’t work as smooth as having a seperate mixer.

The Plantronics Rig Flex LX is still one of my all time favorite headsets. At a price of just $130 MSRP, it’s one of the better quality products at a lower budget price point. If you’re looking for a new headset without breaking the bank, this Rig Flex LX is your simple choice.

Review: Plantronics Rig Flex LX Gaming Headset
The Plantronics Rig Flex LX are a true definition of bang for your buck. Quality headset at a great price.
  • Super comfortable
  • Audio is good
  • Chat adapter is the star
  • Build feels a bit weak
  • Mic could use some improvements
9Overall Score
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