Nokia and Monster have partnered to create a headset perfectly fit for the Nokia branded phone.  The Nokia Purity In-Ear Headphones are very similar to the Monster iSport Victory headphones and this should be no surprise.  They are built for great noise isolating sound to have a private session of listening to music.  Where do these stand compared to other top tier In-Ear headphones?  Heres our review:

The Look/Feel

WP_20130929_15_58_52_Pro__highresInitially, its the colors that draw you in and adds some style points as most headphones come in standard black or white.  It also has the form factor of a Nokia phone, plastic look with rounded edges.  Going with the flat cable is a remote for Windows phones, very much like the remotes for iDevices.  One difference that I see is that it doesn’t have the angled 3.5mm jack like most Monster headphones, I prefer it this way.  I’m not really a fan of the plastic design, it has a cartoonish feel and look that may turn people away.

The Nokia Purity Headphones feels exactly the same as the iSport Victory.  They have these rounded, globe-like tips so that it actually minimizes the amount of space between your ear and the ear bud so it doesn’t move around.  Even though this is built this way, somehow they still fall out of my ears.  The only ones that actually seem to stay in are ones with the wing to stabilize the headphone.  Besides that, these don’t create an uncomfortable fit after long periods of listening.  The globe shaped tips actually do very well with comfort and aside from them falling out every now and then, they would be fine by me.  I should also note that these headphones do not have the L-Shaped 3.5mm jack for those who prefer it any other way, like me.

The Sound

These are very good headphones for its price.  The highs are very clear and the bass is deep, as with most Monster headphones.  The mids tend to take a back seat often with songs in certain genres like hip-hop or r&b.  These seemed to do a lot better than the iSport Victory when it came down to handling bass.  These have more kick and you can feel it with dub-step or EDM.  I did find that when you listen to strong vocals in specific songs, these tend to hurt a bit and have to turn the volume down to balance out the sound a bit.  If you have an Android or Windows device, these are a very good look to have in your arsenal whether its for phone calls or listening to your music on a day to day basis.


At $99.99, these come very close to being one of the better headset/headphones at this price.  It comes in very close competition with headphones like the Klipsch s4i (which are absolute beasts).  People who like customization and uniqueness will definitely like the fact that it comes in four different colors (black, cyan, pink, white) that you can choose to your liking.  You can’t go wrong if you have a device other than Apple and are looking to buy some headphones, I highly suggest you grab a pair.  They are available at its lowest for $57.95 (Amazon) you can get a pair of these and satisfy yourself with good sound.  For more information on Nokia/Monster headphones, stay tuned to RTV.


  • Very good punchy sound
  • Different colors for more options
  • In-Line remote for Android and Windows phone users


  • Bass can be inconsistent at times
  • Highs can hurt at loud volumes
  • Plastic