Here we are once again. Discussing what seems to be the only Windows devices on the market. Nokia made a ton of Lumia devices this year and one that stood out to many was the Lumia 925. To what seems to be the updated version of the popular Lumia 920, most of the internals have remained the same but some physical changes and upgraded camera could be what Windows Phone fans have been looking for.

Unlike its predecessor, the Lumia 920, has an aluminum back with its edges being poly-carbonate. This is probably one of my favorite hardware features about the Lumia 925 because it gives it that more of a premium feel. The cold aluminum back feels feels great in the hands and make you believe this phone can take a drop or two. Now with its slimmer more appealing look, it isn’t the rock that the 920 used to be. This one won’t take as much damage but I hope you don’t put it through that test. You still have that gorgeous gorilla glass display only this time Nokia decided to go with an AMOLED display and shows with amazing colors and great viewing angles.


You have your standard 3 faced touch buttons for search, back and of course windows (home). On the right hand side are still the volume rocker, power button and far down the camera shutter button. Speakers have been moved from the bottom of the device to the bottom back and you get a 2000mAh battery underneath. There is also the same Dual-Core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon with 1GB of memory. You also get configurations of 16GB and 32GB for the Lumia 925 and no external memory support. The phone overall feels very premium and worth your money. The Lumia 925 also includes Wireless charging pins right above the speakers which when attached with its Wireless cover, provides wireless charging to and QI enabled charging pad.

Windows 8 OS has gotten updated to its new Amber software which is included on the Lumia 925. You still get your standard tiled home screen with full customization of sizing applications. Amber also brought the update to Nokia’s camera applications, FM Radio and more. Everything is still roughly the same with Windows OS, which isn’t a bad thing, until you reach its Store. Windows has been receiving more and more apps but still feel useless in what you really want from a device. Twitter and Facebook have been updated a ton to perform amazing on this device but key applications are still missing in the mix. Third party developers have created copy versions of other applications like the famous ‘6tag’, which is what I believe to be a better version of Instagram. The OS is always clean and easy to use, I really don’t see Nokia or Microsoft changing much to presentation but always updating their core applications.

Since day one, Nokia really wanted to make their phones stand out from the rest, and even replace you pocket cameras. Since the release of the Lumia 920, Nokia has been fine tuning their camera lenses and applications to get you as close as possible to DSLR like photos. The Lumia 925 uses an 8 megapixel PureView Carl Zeis lens with dual Led flash and capable of 1080p HD video. If you have never seen photos or videos from a recent Lumia device then you are missing something truly great. Color reproduction and detail capture is one of the best on the Lumia 925, and with the help of its low aperture sensor and dual flash photos at night capture much more than other smartphones.


Nokia includes a standard Camera application which can be used for everyday photos and videos. Though their Pro Camera application has recently been updated to Nokia Camera with the ability to adjust ISO, Auto Focus, Exposure, Aperture and White Balance. This application puts your photos and videos in Manual Control for photography enthusiasts. You can also have fun with some action shots and other cool add-ons from Nokia ‘s Smart Camera.

Every Lumia device has always ran very good. Windows OS isn’t something that needs a great amount of power to run. Smooth transitions and apps run great. Battery life is also something I greatly loved about the 925, being able to go through a whole day browsing the web, checking emails and handling social networks left me with enough battery to last till the following morning. Nokia has also improved a lot of its built in applications and of course you still get a suite of Windows applications like Xbox Music and Office. Call quality was also decent with the speaker being loud and clear and no complaints from others on their end. AT&T service as always was more than exceptional here in New York City, with LTE speeds never really falling at all.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is everything a windows phone fans wants. A beautiful outer design and improved display compared to that of the 920. Slim, sleek and very professional proves that Nokia can really cater to every type of user. Not as bulky as the other Lumia models but still packs a ton of great performance. With their Market growing and more devices being released, we could expect to see some more improvements to really put Windows devices in contention with every other OS, till then its all on preference.

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