We all know that tablets have long replaced laptops or most mobile devices. Its usually the happy medium between all of your devices; it can handle most computer processes, functions somewhat like a smart phone, and has a decent sized screen so your not zoned into your rather small (unless you have a phablet) device. Nokia has some of the best, if not the best, windows devices in the market. From great displays to amazing cameras, they just seem to hit most of the right buttons. Finally, Nokia brings out a challenger for the tablet industry with the Lumia 2520, a 10 inch 1080p tablet that can be all that you need.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 has all the right specs in all the right places. A gorgeous 10-inch (seems like the standard size these days) 1080p screen that does superb with color reproduction and feels like it has a slightly higher pixel density than 218. Also packing a the internals of a beast with a Snapdragon 800 processor along with 2gb of RAM and an Adreno 300 graphics chip. Surprisingly lightweight design despite the build quality and the uber 8000 mAh battery. These are your top of the line pieces you would need/want in your tablet these days and boy does it run like butter.

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Jumping through apps is a breeze, watching movies is an absolute pleasure (especially through Netflix: Super HD streaming) and the responsive multi touch screen is great for gaming. You can’t help to think that this very well may be the best windows tablet out there. Did I mention that the speakers also perform well? I think that these could be the best speakers I’ve heard on a tablet since the Nexus 10 front facing speakers. I just can’t to put the tablet down because I’m either web browsing while watching a movie or chatting and playing Halo: Spartan Assault.

So of course there are drawbacks to everything and anything. Nokia was very close to executing a damn good tablet but the biggest issue I have is the applications! It just seems like that is what seems to plague every single windows tablet to date. The lack of apps just kills the momentum and ends up being a huge killjoy. Its all great and dandy if your just looking to have standard applications like Twitter/Facebook or even just simple web browsing, but if your looking beyond that, you might strike a dead end. The Lumia 2520 also runs a somewhat restrictive version of Windows 8. It doesn’t seem to allow downloads in the “desktop” version of the OS. Would’ve been nice to (at least) have Google Chrome on the tablet. Skydrive directly integrated is great, so all photos taken or saved documents can be accessed anywhere.

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It’s a Lumia, and with that, the only thing that comes to mind is its camera. The camera on the Lumia 2520 does not disappoint, during the day. At night is when you really wish this tablet had a flash. On low light situations it does a good job in getting enough light in but just grains the hell out of the photos. Colors are washed out and everything looks, OK. Now this bad boy in direct daylight, amazing. Colors and details are vivid as usual and made me want to take photos with a huge tablet rather than my smartphone.

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We were using the Lumia 2520 under AT&T’s LTE connectivity and I must say I was very impressed as always, especially here in New York City. I took a trip out to Philadelphia and was using this tablet on the bus to stream movies on Netflix and Flixter, everything loaded very quickly and I was very happy with speeds I was getting. Now you do get 5GB of data on LTE when you purchase through AT&T, and if you are wondering, no there isn’t a Wi-Fi only version of this tablet. Having a W-Fi- only version would have definitley been an easier selling point than forcing an AT&T data plan but either way, it should still be given a chance.

The 2520 may be the best Windows tablet on the market. Could it compete with the iPad, Galaxy Note 2014, or Windows Surface? Maybe. It has all the right specs but missing just a few pieces to fill in the puzzle. Lack of applications and games may turn you away but for other purposes, it actually does very well. It can very well compete with the Surface 2 and can sometimes surpass it in most cases. We can only hope Microsoft still offers more Lumia tablets to those looking for an alternative to the Surface, because the Lumia 2520 is the best first and only Nokia tablet.

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Review: Nokia Lumia 2520
Nokia's first and last run at a Windows Tablet is what every Windows Tablet should be.
  • Gorgeous 1080p screen
  • Wireless charging included
  • Snappy app switching
  • Lack of apps (I'm starting to sense a theme here...)
  • Can't download directly from browser
  • Headphone jack and charging jack are on the same side and look exactly the same
9Overall Score
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