If you haven’t figured it out already, I love portable chargers. I have reviewed quite a few and i’m always on the look for new ones being released. myCharge has been one of my favorites for a while now and back at CES we had interviewed them on their whole new line of charging packs releasing throughout the year. Their XT line includes a 3000 and 6000 mAh pack which allows for multiple USB charging while having the look and protection of a rugged device. I had the chance to review the Amp 3000XT which is the lowest model out of the XT line.


The Amp 3000XT is made out of a very heavy duty poly-carbonate plastic and rubberized material protecting itself from drops, spills and even dirt. Two rubber flaps protect the two included USB 2.1 ports and underneath it are the wall prongs for charging. A quick battery indicator button is located on the top front of the pack which blinks Red, Orange, Yellow or Green depending on its battery life. The Amp 3000XT is a great and sturdy device which I carry with me everyday but only having a 3000mAh battery on a pack I can only charge through a wall outlet can be a pain. Most smart phones nowadays include batteries larger than the pack so only being able to get half charge on two devices can be pain. A device like this needs a bigger battery. With a USB 2.1, tablet charging is allowed but as mentioned you won’t get enough juice to fill it all up.

MyCharge does offer a 6000 mAh varient with 3 USB pots but at that I wish the 6000 was the lowest model in 2 USB ports with the next being 9000 or even 1100 with 3 USB’s. Those sizes and current prices would have made this a no brainer reccomendation, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the size availability on such a high quality product. The Amp 3000XT did do its job in giving extra energy to my smartphones but it drained quicker than it did to fully charge.

Amp 3000XT Specs

If you wish to try out the Amp 3000XT or Amp 6000XT, they are available on mycharge.com starting at just $60.

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