Mophie has a great reputation for creating battery cases that don’t feel intrusive to your phone and feel great in the hand.  With the release of the supremely thin iPhone 5, they decided to readjust the thought process around building a newer, sleeker case to fit the beauty of the device.  Some people may say that the iPhone’s battery life is horrible for their usage so they buy a battery case.  The Mophie Juice Pack Helium is meant to be a lighter yet still efficient case but does lighter mean better?

Build and Protection
The Juice Pack Helium holds an additional 1,500 mAh battery to supplement your extra juice needs (projected 80% additional battery life).  The case comes in a two piece build with a soft touch finish that does feel great in the hand.  Openings on the vibrate/ volume up and down buttons, as well as the sleep/wake button to allow simple access; LED lights along with the on/off button for the case.  To finish it off, the microUSB port on the bottom (which is great because it was on the bottom left for the iPhone 4 juice pack) and hallow caves to redirect the sounds from your device directly towards you.  Compared to previously owned Mophie packs, this one does give you a premium elegant feel to an already great concept.   It gives roughly the same amount of protection to your device but whats best is that it doesn’t bleed over into the screen like other cases, so it definitely doesn’t feel like its devouring your device.

Helium Juice Pack

Battery Life
During my use of the iPhone 5 with the Juice Pack Helium I never felt that I had to limit my use of the phone to stretch the last bit of life of the phone.  It felt like I had nothing to worry about, even though it didn’t give me an additional 100% charge.  The 80% add on felt like it was enough and my phone never felt like it was being encased in a overly protective cover.  I use my phone very heavily and I’ve never liked standing or sitting next to a wall jack to charge my phone, so this was just perfect for me.

The Mophie pack isn’t the only case on the market and nobody should expect it to be, but it does the job it’s meant for.  It has several downsides to the case but you have to be pleased with where they’ve gone with the ideas for these types of cases.  Mophie is becoming a staple in this department and we can’t wait for them to create more sleek cases for other devices.

Positive Highlights

  • Great additional battery life, along with great added weight.
  • Doesn’t feel like a ridiculous over protective case; blends well with the case.
  • 80% was enough for me, is it enough for you?


  • Does not come in black, only in two default colors (dark metallic and silver metallic)
  • The headphone jack hole doesn’t allow all different headphones to fit, though the give you an adapter, it eliminates the iPhone controller capabilities which is a bummer.
  • Reduces the amount of bars I got for cellular service (I had Verizon) and people consistently had trouble hearing me during phone calls.

Stay tuned to RTV for more thoughts and reviews on Mophie charging devices!

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