Working out is always in everyone’s agenda and what better time to spend listening to music than when your trying to pick up the pace or get and extra little “umph” from your music.  Usually, people would use the standard headphones that come with their mobile or mp3 device but they aren’t designed for working out.  Monster created the iSport Victory headphones for this reason, to take all the heat and sweat that goes along with your hard workout.  I’ve spent a couple of weeks with a pair and I’ll just go ahead and say they grew on me.


The Look/Feel
Right out of the box, I was thrown back to the “Beats by Dre” days as the aesthetics of the box were similar to the Beats headphones when they were still partnered together.  Once having the headphones in my hand, it feels like a grain wash which isn’t a bad thing at all.  It has a premium type paint over it and more importantly it doesn’t feel cheap.  It has a hook to be placed above your ear just like a Bose style of headset.  It comes with interchangeable pieces for both the hooks and the in-ear pieces so you find the right fit for you.  Of course, if you have a small ear and a huge ear hole, no one is here to judge.

The part that I am not a fan of is the flat wire style to help with untangling.  I’ve been so accustomed to the regular round style that it just feel like the better way to go.  Though the untangling really comes in handy when it gets lost in your pockets.  Also, I’m not fond of the L shape 3.5mm jack only because it adds more stress to the cable which can become a problem quickly especially during workouts.  Sometimes you can manage to avoid those issues of your really good with placement of your device so it doesn’t tug and pull so much.  Putting the headphones on for the first few times was a hassle, they felt like they didn’t fit my ears at all.  Once I did get them in, it was either too far in or out.  Finding the happy medium was a bit difficult at first but once you get them in you will know.  I’ve worked out with these several times, drenched in sweat, full workout and all and they never once fell out unless I took them out myself.  That earned a lot of points in my book.

The Sound
Once you get the right fit of the headphones, you get that sound that you have been waiting for.  Very crisp highs are the show on these headphones.  It never seemed to give the impression that it was fatiguing at any point during long periods of listening.  Mids are great as well, it doesn’t get overpowered with high notes and vocals of many songs.  The biggest issue I had was the bass.  The bass was there but it didn’t seem like it was as even as mids or highs.  Balance is the key but not everyone is always about the bass.

Overall the sound is great especially for a workout headset.  Running while being able to get the extra pump out of your music is at an all time high with the Victory headphones.  Not to mention that the noise isolation is near perfect.  Apart from using them at the gym, I also used during my commute to and from work.  Let me say that the loud noises of the NYC MTA system were almost non-existent and the chatter was blocked off almost completely.  It was rare that I would hear something bleed through my music.

I’ve never had a pair of headphones that makes me want to work out at least until I got these.  Knowing that my music will never slow me down because my ear bud falls out of my ear due to movement or sweat is awesome.  I know a lot of weightlifters and gym fanatics and they all use over the ear headphones, causing them to sweat more than they’d like.  Having all the sound you need come out of in-ear buds is great for the gym serving its purpose perfectly.

If you’d like to purchase your own pair, they are retailing for $149.99 on the Monster website.  They come in two colors; Black and Volt Green.  For more information on Monster products, stay tuned to RTV.


  • Great fit to the ear for minimal movement during workouts
  • Highs and Mids are as crisp as can be
  • Noise Isolation is beyond my expectations


  • Needs a bit more kick to the bass
  • Getting used to putting them in your ear may take awhile
  • L shape jack is not my bread and butter though it not bother everyone
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