Even though CE Week seems like it was months ago, I would never forget the amount of innovation that I saw.  Wireless charging seems to be more prominent these days as everyone wants to get rid of all the clutter and such of wires flying all over their desks.  BuQu Tech saw things differently and added something to wireless charging that I hadn’t yet seen before, Magnets.  But what can magnets do?  What difference does it make versus other charging stations?  Simply put convenience, protection and portability is what I see here.

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The bundled package comes with the protective case, charging stand, and the Magnetyze charging cable.  The case is a two piece set, one that goes directly into the phone and a gummy style plastic that would cover the edges of the phone.  The case may not seem like much at first, but I immediately fell in love with it as its my type of case.  Its low key, doesn’t devour your phone and it looks great because it blends in perfectly.  The wood-esk finish on the back is a plus too because it welcomes the hand more than most cases out there.  The charging stand has a really good build.  I think it’d be pretty hard to mess this one up even if you drop it.  The base has a little bit of weight to the bottom just to be able to hold your phone at the right  viewing angle.  Last but not least we have the the charging cable that really does have much to talk about really.  Sticks right to the back of your case simply and it doesn’t seem to get in the way like most cables since its placed on the back with the magnets.

My absolute favorite feature about this whole case is that it doesn’t just charge your case, it also connects to your computer via the cable connected to the base.  I never really had many wireless charging stations so having this feature is an absolute plus for me.  I have everything I would need in one package.  Also, the charging stand doesn’t just work when your phone is in portrait position, it also works while your in landscape.  So if your watching your Netflix movie or catching an episode on Hulu and your phone is low and battery, you can simply just place the phone on the charging stand without missing a beat.  Like I said earlier, convenience, protection and portability.

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Its great to see innovation and creativity going above and beyond when it comes to something that seems to be this simple.  Adding a few features here and their becomes useful and adds more value to the product.  BuQu Tech is doing things right and if your an iPhone or Galaxy S4 user, I suggest you give this a try if your looking to make desk space for a charging stand.  The Magnetyze Charging Bundle is available now for the iPhone 4/4S for $49.99.

For more information on BuQu Tech and Magnetyze products, stay tuned to RTV.