It’s another year and football fans everywhere know what is approaching — football. There is no better what to welcome the new season than with Madden 15. EA has done something truly amazing this year with the newest rendition of Madden and as someone who is always skeptical about buying a new football game year after year, I have to say it is well worth it.  For some of us, Madden is everything that we look forward to and for new comers, we need something to entise us to get into the series.  In short, Madden 15 does what should’ve been done last year with some fresh new approaches.

Upon getting into the game, I will say that the next gen look has definitely changed from what last year had to offer.  Instead of a “remastered” look like the one Madden 25 had, this one actually looks like they dedicated time to making sure this game looked beautiful as football should.  Jerseys are more vibrant, helmets shine in the sun or in the lights, and most importantly, players and coaches look as they should.  Tom Coughlin looks like they owe him money and is ready to take it from every NFL team.  Peyton Manning always looks calm, cool and collected.  And J.J Watt looks big, bulky and ready to put the beating on any QB thats in front of him.  Nothing was more disturbing than playing last years version of Madden and feeling like you didn’t get your moneys worth.  EA did an amazing job at bringing back realism in the players.


In this year’s iteration of Madden 15, game play feels familiar; however, fresh at the same time. The running game seems a lot more fluid and realistic as running backs exploits gaps gaining big yardage as well elite wide receivers creating some spectacular catches as if you’re watching a real NFL game. This years big focus though was on revitalizing defense mechanics with their new War in the Trenches 2.0 and Player Sense 2.0, and why not make defense a big part of this year’s Madden especially after the previous Superbowl with LOB as they are featured prominently at the start screen of the game.  Before every snap while on defense, you have now the ability to time the snap to get an advantage against the offensive linemen to get a potential sack on the quarterback. There are sometimes teams whose offensive line are better than others as well as others, protecting the quarterback from the sudden onslaught of a defensive end; however, there are elite players such as J.J. Watt who can pierce through that line like a knife through butter and there goes your sack. What I did notice is that in most cases while playing in the new War in the Trenches camera view (where the camera is placed behind the defensive lineman), if I played an elite QB, the possession turned into a passing touchdown.  I don’t think it should happen as often as it should but then again, rookies can only get so far against the most elite the NFL has to offer.

While playing offense though there are sometimes where the computer AI seems almost inhuman, jumping making deflections that some may say seem impossible to jump that height, but maybe that is just me.  When you do make those big plays it feels very rewarding catching a pass while be covered by CB in the likes of Sherman, Peterson, or Revis and even more so if you happen to get a touchdown. I notice another major difference in the game that for a person getting a Madden game for the first time or doesn’t know about football at all, when you pick a play Madden now shows you statistically how effective the play is at the certain yardage and down as well as what the community picks typically in the same situation. This helps someone like my some of my friends or younger relatives getting into football to know when it is better to run or pass and when you should do man coverage or zone.


Madden Ultimate Team is also very exciting this year, I used to always wanted to get into playing MUT in previous Madden games, but it seem too daunting and clunky for me. This year is more stream-lined in my opinion and I actually feel more inclined to purchase more coins and cash to get a boost for my MUT, I mean who would not want Troy Aikman throwing to Calvin Johnson or Peyton Manning throwing to Jerry Rice? MUT makes the game feel more new when you have to face custom teams and like last year’s Madden this will extend the life of this game after everyone is done doing franchise modes.

Overall, Madden isn’t perfect but its damn close to one of the best Maddens to ever hit the console.  For any fan, new or old, this rendition of Madden is and should be a fresh start to the new generation of consoles.  Hopefully EA can keep up this pace and also translate that into revitalizing their other franchise NBA Live.

Game Review: Madden NFL 15
Overall, Madden isn’t perfect but its damn close to one of the best Maddens to ever hit the console. For any fan, new or old, this rendition of Madden is and should be a fresh start to the new generation of consoles
  • Great visuals and realistic character models
  • Players are a lot more fluid in controlling them
  • War in the trenches is hit or miss
  • CPU can be godly at times, even on pro
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